StumbleUpon Names Best Stumbles Of 2014

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StumbleUpon often sends out emails to users alerting them of popular content it thinks they'll be interested in. Now, the company has been sending out an email with the "4 Best Stumbles of 2014". In fact, within the email it says, "The 4 Best Stumbles You've Ever Seen". That might be a bit of a stretch, but let's take a look at what the company has selected.

StumbleUpon gets a lot of the best content the web has to offer, so these picks must be pretty special, right? You decide.

The fist one is "20 Gifs That Explain How Things Work". It's in the Technology category, and is listed with 267K views. The post comes from FRAUFAYA at the site FreeYork. It looks at things like what happens when we swallow, how keys and locks work, how ants walk, etc. I've seen this one before, and I'm pretty sure I gave it a like. It is a pretty good one, so no arguments from me here.

Number 2 is "Doesn't Matter How Many Times I See This, It Always Blows My Mind". It's in the Philosophy category with 190K views. It's an interesting story about a person who dies, meets god, and learns that the universe is an egg.

Number 3 is "Amazing Places to Experience Around the Globe". It's in the Travel category, and has 3.3 million views. It's basically a collection of amazing photographs from different exotic locations around the world.

Finally, number 4 is "Most Favorited Recipes of All-time". It's in Food/Cooking, and has 2.7 million views. It comes from FoodGawker, and has an infinite scroll of mostly pretty good looking food.

Whether or not you agree with StumbleUpon's picks for the best of 2014, they do represent the diverse content types that perform well on the service.

Earlier this month, StumbleUpon announced a new content program for bloggers that enables them to highlight their best content.

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