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Tag: Stephen King

Alan Rickman: Celebrities Pay Tribute to Late Actor
Alan Rickman passed away last week from pancreatic cancer. Since his passing, a wealth of celebrities–many of whom were his fellow actors–...
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Stephen King: 10 Of His Movies To Get You Ready For Halloween
There are quite a few people who could be dubbed masters of horror. There was even a short-lived Showtime series dedicated to showcasing their work, b...
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Bruce Willis Replaced by Steve Carell in New Woody Allen Movie–Was He Fired?
Bruce Willis was recently replaced by Steve Carell in a current Woody Allen film already in production. There is some confusion about the reason Willi...
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Jessica Chastain Appears in New Trailer for Horror Film ‘Crimson Peak’
Jessica Chastain appears in a new trailer for the upcoming horror film Crimson Peak. Set in a three story Victorian mansion on an abandoned lot, the h...
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Stephen King Talks Calling Mellencamp On His Bad Ideas
Stephen King has been working with heartland rocker John Mellencamp for more than a decade on a southern gothic musical, and while he acknowledges tha...
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Stephen King’s New Screenplay Echoes the BTK Killer
Stephen King’s first screenplay since 1989 (Pet Sematary) is scheduled to be released in theaters next month. A Good Marriage, adapted from King...
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Hulu Greenlights Series Based On Stephen King Book ’11/22/63′
Hulu announced that it has greenlit a new original series called 11/22/63 based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. It comes from J.J. Abrams&...
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“Shawshank Redemption” Stars Still Watch It, Just Like Us
“The Shawshank Redemption” began as a novella by Stephen King, a story called “Rita Hayworth And The Shawshank Redemption” tha...
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Under The Dome Leaks Season 2 Promo Online [Video]
It is still a couple of months before Under The Dome returns, but CBS has already released a promotional video for the show’s second season. The...
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Stephen King Apologizes For Tweet
Stephen King didn’t exactly show off his true writing skills on Twitter the other day. The best-selling horror author received a good amount of ...
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Rumor Has ‘The Dark Tower’ Possibly Going To Netflix
Rumors of a screen adaptation of Stephen King’s epic The Dark Tower series have been swirling for years, so it’s hard to put too much stoc...
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Under the Dome Season 2 Premieres in June
Under the Dome is set to be one of CBS’s main summer events. Its second season will premiere on June 30th. Based on the book by Stephen King, th...
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“Carrie” Stunt Freaks Out New Yorkers
“Carrie” was a huge success for author Stephen King; as the book that began to draw attention to the master of horror, it was also the one...
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‘Room 237’ Is Now Available On Netflix
Room 237, the much talked-about documentary exploring theories about Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (loosely based on the Stephen King novel of t...
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New Under the Dome Trailer, Adapted Stephen King Story Comes To CBS
A metaphysical mystery, small town, a dynamic group of interesting characters; it certainly sounds like a Stephen King novel. Like all of the great St...
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Stephen King Publishes “Guns” Essay As Kindle Single
Best-selling author Stephen King has written a personal essay called “Guns,” and has published it exclusively as a Kindle Single in Amazon...
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“Shining” Sequel To Be Released This Time Next Year
Ok. Take a deep breath, Stephen King fans. There’s a sequel to “The Shining”, and it’s coming in September of 2013. I’ve...
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Stephen King’s Band Plays One Last Show
Many people don’t know that master of horror Stephen King plays in a band full of his peers; it’s a group of writers that have been gettin...
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Zombies Invade Stephen King’s Hometown
Zombies have been in the news a lot lately, to say the least; with all the stories floating around about a “zombie apocalypse” and tales o...
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Stephen King Reads the First Chapter of The Shining Sequel
When Stephen King announced his plan for a sequel to his smash hit, The Shining, the idea of psychic vampires perhaps scared some of King’s foll...
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