"Carrie" Stunt Freaks Out New Yorkers

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"Carrie" was a huge success for author Stephen King; as the book that began to draw attention to the master of horror, it was also the one that changed his life when the paperback rights sold for a rather large chunk of change (after getting the news over the phone, King said, "I suddenly felt I had to buy Tabby (his wife) a Mother's Day present, something wild and extravagant...I did the best I could. I got her a hair dryer.").

Now, after a classic film version still revered by horror lovers to this day, a television remake, and a sequel that did moderately well in theaters, the story is getting a new telling on the big screen thanks to Julianne Moore and Chloe Grace Moretz, and the upcoming release date has inspired New York-based viral video marketing company Thinkmodo to come up with a stunt to scare the crap out of coffee lovers.

"We filled the entire coffee shop with extras who were instructed to react as if they were witnessing things for the first time," Thinkmodo co-founder Michael Krivicka said. "Our 'targets' were selected customers who would walk in and place their order at the counter."

Take a look at the stunt below and watch the unsuspecting coffee shop patrons freak out when a pretty girl gets upset.

Image: YouTube

Amanda Crum
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