New Under the Dome Trailer, Adapted Stephen King Story Comes To CBS


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A metaphysical mystery, small town, a dynamic group of interesting characters; it certainly sounds like a Stephen King novel. Like all of the great Stephen King books, the story will be adapted to a different media. With 'Under the Dome', it will be receiving the television treatment, coming to CBS in June. The series will be produced by Brian K. Vaughan, known for his work in comics with Y: The Last Man.

IGN released a new trailer, providing some more details of the feel of the show along with some of the characters that will be appearing.

If the premise seems familiar, it's because the use of a dome over a small town was used in The Simpson's Movie, as seen below.

Before you accuse Stephen King or the show for ripping off The Simpsons, you should know that the novel has been in the works well before The Simpsons movie. According to Stephen King in the interview below, he's been stewing on the idea since the mid-70's.