IRS Under Investigation For Illegally Tracking Americans via Their Phones

The IRS is under investigation by the US Treasury’s Inspector General for purchasing smartphone data to illegally track Americans.

Instagram Accused of Spying on Users Via Phone Cameras

Facebook is being sued over allegations Instagram is spying on users via their phone cameras.

Huawei Losing Ground as Deutsche Telekom and Bell Canada Choose Ericsson

Huawei has been shut out of some high-profile 5G contracts, as both Deutsche Telekom and Bell Canada have gone with Ericsson.

UK Will Reevaluate Huawei’s Role in Networks

Following a decision to allow Huawei to participate in Britain’s next-gen networks, it seems as though the government is reevaluating its stance.

TSMC Cuts Off Huawei Following Us Factory Announcement

TSMC has stopped taking chip orders from Huawei following its plans to open a US factory.

US Assets Could Be Pulled From UK Over Huawei Deal

The US is reviewing its military and intelligence assets in the UK and may pull them out following the UK’s decision to use Huawei.

Huawei Focusing on China As Worldwide Growth Slows

Huawei is focusing on its home turf in the race to rollout 5G, while its worldwide growth slows as a result of U.S. pressure.

U.S. Taking Measures to Limit Huawei’s Chip Supplies

U.S. officials are moving forward with plans to cut off Huawei’s chip supplies in an effort to blunt the company’s 5G dominance.

France Will Not Ban Huawei From Networks

Despite U.S. pressure, France has decided to allow Huawei equipment in its 5G networks.

Huawei Takes the Gloves Off, Highlights US History of Spying

Following the U.S. disclosure of evidence supporting its claims that Huawei represents a security risk, the Chinese firm is hitting back by highlighting the United States’ own history of spying.