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Tag: Spoilers

Claire Holt Returns to ‘The Originals:’ How Long Will She Stay?
Claire Holt returns to The Originals, again. Last March, Holt’s surprise exit shocked The Originals viewers. During the 2014 PaleyFest, the Aust...
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Netflix Examines Types Of Spoilers
Netflix shared some new survey results about spoilers today based on a poll by Harris Interactive. “Everyone has an opinion about them,” a...
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Jennifer Lawrence Hates Spoilers As Much as Everyone Else
If you’re trying to avoid spoilers for, let’s say, Homeland, and the first thing you do is jump on Twitter, well, you’re an idiot wh...
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The (Real) Alternative Storylines to Breaking Bad
(Warning! The article has *SPOILERS*) Are you tired of hearing about it yet? Perhaps, alternatively, you’re craving every last morsel of its related...
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Kevin Bacon: Apology Issued For Spoiler Post
[Author’s Note: This post contains the same spoilers Bacon has apologized for] Along with the instant, worldwide capabilities of the web has com...
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Netflix’s New Ad Laments Spoilers Just Days After Dropping the Entire Season of House of Cards All at Once
Netflix has undeniably shook up the game with its release structure for the original series House of Cards – mainly that there was no release st...
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BioShock Infinite Opening Scene Revealed
The opening scene of BioShock was one of the most memorable parts of that newly-classic game. A dramatic plane crash, fire on the open ocean, and a my...
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Benedict Cumberbatch’s Star Trek Villain Named
Just days after the first teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness sent the internet into a whirlwind of speculation and rumor, Paramount has releas...
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Borderlands 2 Walkthroughs Showing Up
No, the game does not hit the shelves until September, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be completely prepared when Borderlands 2 is releas...
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Iron Man 3 Update: No Iron Patriot?
Word is, regardless of what your eyes told you a few days ago concerning the leaked Iron Patriot images, the next installment of Marvel’s Iron M...
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Diablo III Gets “Emergency” Update, Already Beaten By Korean Gamers
Diablo III is now available for consumption, and although it’s less than 24 hours old, the game has already been updated in order to address ...
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Origins Featurette Includes New Prometheus Footage
We are less than a month away from the release of Ridley Scott’s next great (hopefully) science fiction excursion, as he takes us back to the Al...
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The Avengers Has Not One, But Two Bonus Scenes
When Marvel Comics makes a movie, chances are there will be bonus scenes added, and they normally appear after the credits have rolled. The Avengers w...
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New Prometheus Trailer Offers New Footage
As you’re probably aware of by now, the summer movie lineup for 2012 looks incredibly strong with such offerings like The Avengers, The Dark Kni...
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Japanese Trailer For The Avengers Is More Revealing
May is going to be a busy month for geeks everywhere. First, the news of Diablo III’s launch date hits (May 15) and now there’s a “n...
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Walking Dead, Dexter, and True Blood Stars Give Out Official Spoiler Rules
Spoilers are an epidemic. Just last week I DVR’d The Walking Dead, with plans to watch it later, to only have it ruined via a Facebook update. I...
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Walking Dead Spoiler Posted on AMC’s Online Store
Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead were treated with a MAJOR, yet predictable, spoiler yesterday. An ad was posted for the limited edition season 2 ...
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Bachelorette Spoilers From Reality Steve
If you want the inside scoop on everything about ABC’s hit reality shows The Bachelor and the Bachelorette, Reality Steve is the man to tell you...
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