Walking Dead, Dexter, and True Blood Stars Give Out Official Spoiler Rules


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Spoilers are an epidemic. Just last week I DVR'd The Walking Dead, with plans to watch it later, to only have it ruined via a Facebook update. I never wanted a dislike button more in my life.

Thankfully the good folks over at CollegeHumor have put together a PSA about how to combat spoilers. With the help of some stars from several easily spoiled shows, such as The Walking Dead, Dexter, True Blood, among others, they layout the official spoiler rules and the repercussions you face if you spoil a show for someone else. Check it out for yourself below.

According to the PSA spoilers cease to be spoilers two weeks after a standard episode, two months after a season finale, and one year after a season finale. Some of other important facts to jot down are:

  • Viewers shall seek out information online at their own risk.
  • Spoilers spoken in pig latin, gibberish, or french will still be considered spoilers... but Mandarin is okay
  • If someone spoils a show for your during the "Red Zone" you may spoil something for them

Well there you have it folks, some easy rules on how to stop the spoiler epidemic.

Have you ever had a television show or movie spoiled for you? Let us know in the comment field below.