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Twitter Buys Breaker, the Social Podcasting App
Twitter has bought Breaker, bringing the social podcasting app in-house at a time when podcasting is more popular than ever....
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TikTok Sending Job Applicant Personal Data to China
TikTok has experienced another embarrassing privacy issue, with the revelation it is sending the personal data of job applicants to China....
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Twitter Buys Squad, App That Enables Hanging Out Virtually
Twitter has acquired the startup responsible for Squad, the app designed to help people hang out virtually....
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Facebook Buying CRM Startup Kustomer
Facebook has reached a deal to acquire Kustomer, the maker of a “customer service CRM platform built for today.”...
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WSJ: TikTok Sold To Oracle
According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. operations of TikTok have been sold to Oracle pending a security review by the government of the United...
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Walmart Joining Microsoft in Effort to Purchase TikTok
Walmart is getting in on the TikTok action, joining Microsoft’s bid to purchase the beleaguered social media platform....
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Senator Hawley Calls For Google to Ban TikTok Over Privacy
Senator Josh Hawley is calling on Google to ban TikTok following revelations the app sidestepped Android safety measures to track users....
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FCC Moves to Limit Local Governments From Blocking 5G
The FCC has voted to clarify rules governing the process for local and state governments to review wireless infrastructure modifications....
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Facebook Could Make Half of Positions Permanently Remote
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that up to half of the company’s positions could permanently shift to remote work....
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TikTok Is Clearly the Pandemic Winner
TikTok is clearly the winner of this chapter, says social media marketing expert Gary Vaynerchuk. You have a lot of families at home together and beca...
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Twitter Will Start Blocking 5G Conspiracy Tweets
Twitter has announced it will start blocking unverified claims, specifically those involving 5G conspiracy theories....
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TikTok Plans Transparency Center, Tries to Dispel Censorship Claims
TikTok has announced the upcoming launch of a new Transparency Center, aimed at pulling the curtain back on the platform’s moderation efforts....
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TSA Bans Employees From Posting on TikTok
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has banned employees from using TikTok to create posts for the agency....
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Reddit One-Ups Facebook With Its Deepfake Policy
On the heels of Facebook’s announcement it would ban AI-driven deepfakes, but not traditionally created shallow fakes, Reddit has announced a broade...
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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report Launches
Dave Rubin used his show today to announce the launch of his new venture,, “subscription-based communities that give power to creators, n...
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Recap: Social Media Week Lima
When Jessika Phillips, Founder of NOW Marketing Group and Host of Social Media Week Lima, went to a large social media conference she had a thought �...
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50 Million Google+ Accounts Compromised in Latest Data Breach, Platform to Shut Down Earlier Than Planned
The discovery of another privacy flaw has pushed Google to shut down Google+ much earlier than expected. Google announced on December 10 that it had d...
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How Social Media Is Changing the Way Businesses Conduct Customer Service
Social media has become more than just a networking platform. It’s become an ecosystem where friends, family, consumers, and brands interact wit...
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How to Choose the Right Social Video Platform for Your Brand
The use of social video has become commonplace in brand promotion nowadays due to its proven ability to generate buzz, increase recall, and produce co...
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Restaurants Creating Crave on Instagram
According to a post on the Instagram Business blog the number one driver of visits to restaurants is the act of craving. In advertising this simply me...
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