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Tag: Smithsonian

Treblinka Camp Secrets: More Proof Holocaust Existed
NBC News tells us of the grim secrets recently found by archaeologists at a Nazi death camp. The findings were also documented by filmmakers and shown...
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Smithsonian 3D Prints Whale Fossils Because Science
It’s generally accepted that a lot of the earth was covered in water millions of years ago allowing all sorts of sea creatures to travel to plac...
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Star-Spangled Banner To Be Displayed At Smithsonian
The Smithsonian in Washington D.C. is doing something that is believed to have never been done before – showcase the original, handwritten manus...
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Smithsonian Opens Its Collection To 3D Printers Everywhere
The Smithsonian, like most museums, have a strict “Do Not Touch” policy. It goes without saying that many of the objects in the museumR...
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Fossilized Mosquito Found; Sadly Lacks Dino Blood
Smithsonian Magazine just put out a blog that chronicles the strange journey of a fossilized mosquito with ancient blood still contained in its stomac...
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Bionic Man Brought To Life With Artificial Parts
Bionic man, previously a term that was only associated with science fiction, has now become a reality. The term was made popular in the 1970s with the...
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Space Spider Dies In D.C. After Traveling 42 Million Miles
The “space spider”, Nefertiti, has died of natural causes after spending 100 days outside Earth and traveling around 42 million miles. Als...
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Space Shuttle Enterprise Set For One Last Flight
The space shuttle “Enterprise”, which has been a museum display in the Smithsonian for the past 25 years, is about to take to the skies on...
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Titanoboa: Snake was 48 Feet Long and Weighed 2,500 Pounds
The Smithsonian has installed an exhibit in Grand Central Station called “Titanoboa” that showcases a 48 foot long replica of the world...
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The Art Of Video Games Opening At The Smithsonian Friday
One of the most passionately discussed arguments of our time, especially to gamers, is the question of whether or not video games can be classified as...
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