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Tag: Smart Watch

Apple Watch to Drive Smart Watch Adoption
The long-awaited Apple Watch is finally here. Apple last week officially unveiled its first smart watch, immediately propelling what was a tech-geek f...
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LG G3 and G Watch Coming to AT&T on July 8
AT&T today announced that the LG G3 smartphone will be available on its network starting July 8. The device can be ordered online starting on tha...
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Wearable Computing to Grow Quickly in the Years Ahead
For almost one year now wearable computing has been the tech segment to watch. Though Apple’s rumored iWatch has not yet made an appearance both...
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Apple iWatch Could Arrive Before the Holidays
Over one year ago rumors surfaced that Apple was working on its own wrist-based computing device. Dubbed the “iWatch” by industry watchers...
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Smart Watches to Get Android Wear Soon
It’s still unclear whether the smart watch market will grow into the massive consumer segment that tech manufacturers are hoping, but with the s...
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The Smart Watch: The Good and The Pretty
The smart watch! What’s your favorite one? Oh, you don’t know what a smart watch is? Understandable. While it’s pretty obvious that ...
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Google Smart Watch Specs Leaked [Rumor]
Earlier this month, it was rumored that LG would be making both the Nexus 6 and a smart watch for Google this year. Based on prior releases, we could ...
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Notifications, Caller ID Most Important For Smart Watch Buyers
Signs show that smart watches are catching on in the consumer market, but the devices themselves still have a long way to go. Samsung’s first Ga...
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LG Will Be Making The Nexus 6, Nexus Smartwatch [Rumor]
LG and Google have a good thing going right now. The Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 have both been two of the highest rated phones in the year of their release. ...
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Here’s A Prototype Google Smart Watch That Never Saw The Light Of Day
It’s been rumored for a while now that Google has been working on a smart watch. As it turns out, Google actually had a prototype at one point, ...
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Samsung Unveils Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo
One of the more interesting rumors from last year is that Samsung would unveil a new Galaxy Gear less than a year after it launched its first wearable...
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Health Products Top the Wearable Computing Market So Far
There’s plenty of excitement in the tech industry surrounding the coming wave of wearable computing products. Already Samsung has seen limited s...
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Millions of Smart Watches/Bands Shipping This Year
With smartphone and tablet markets beginning to saturate in established markets, tech manufacturers are now hoping that wearable computing will lift m...
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Introduce Your Child To The Surveillance State With The FiLIP Smart Watch
Kids just love to scamper off into the nether when their parents aren’t looking. Previously, the only way to prevent this was to either actually...
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90 Million Wearable Devices to Ship This Year
This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was full of new wearable computing products from a wide variety of tech companies. It’s clear ...
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The Future of Wearable Electronics Predicted in White Paper
For almost one year now, tech companies and clothing companies alike have been debuting their new smart watches or wristbands. These companies are bet...
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Pebble Unveils Stainless Steel Smart Watch
Pebble has the distinction of being the most funded Kickstarter project in history, and for a pretty good reason. It proved the smart watch was someth...
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Wearable Devices Reportedly Delayed by Manufacturing Difficulties
The long-rumored “iWatch” from Apple failed to make its debut last year, despite reports early in the year that Apple was working hard to ...
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Smart Band Shipments Up Fivefold in the Past Six Months
The wearable computing device market is still very much in its infancy. Markets for products such as smart glasses has still yet to take off. This yea...
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Wearable Device Shipments to Hit 130 Million by 2018
With Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smart watch selling relatively well, it appears that the wearable device market might actually be the big tech segmen...
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