Customer Meetings Will Change Forever, Says Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec

Some things in the new world will change forever. Customer meetings will change forever. In the past, I never thought that I could do a Zoom call or a Teams call with the CEO of a company I’m trying to sell to.

Bitcoin is Worthless, Says Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary

Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary is not a fan of Bitcoin. He talked about a transaction where he tried to buy property using Bitcoin in Switzerland. “Try and do a transaction of $100,000 in Bitcoin,” says O’Leary. “I tried to do some real estate in Switzerland with it once. It is a useless currency.”

Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec Tells the Story of How an Employee Scammed Him

Even successful entrepreneurs can be scammed, just ask Shark Tank investor Robert Herjavec. In a recent Inc. video clip, Herjavec explains how the sales manager of his first startup scammed him out of business.

Ring CEO: I Have No Animosity For the Sharks

Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff has a rags to riches story that most entrepreneurs can only dream of. He was famously turned down on Shark Tank only to later sell his company to Amazon for $1 billion in February. Siminoff says he is now appearing on an upcoming Shark Tank episode.

Robert Herjavec Engaged to “Dancing With the Stars” Partner Kym Johnson

Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson started dating during their time as dance partners on season 20 of Dancing With the Stars. This weekend the two became engaged. Kym Johnson, who didn’t return for season 21 of DWTS, shared her exciting…

Mark Cuban Issues Warning to Prospective $1.5 Billon Powerball Winner

Mark Cuban, investor on the popular TV show Shark Tank, has a warning for the prospective winner or winners of the $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot. In a recent interview with Business Insider, Cuban offered not only his warning, but several…

“Shark Tank”: Latest Deal Made Over Unsavory-Looking Produce

Shark Tank investors can sometimes be full of surprises. A recent episode of Shark Tank was no exception. With the myriad of ideas that come through the door on Shark Tank there have been some obviously good investments and some…

Kym Johnson, Robert Herjavec Spotted Kissing During Weekend Getaway

Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec of this season’s Dancing With the Stars fame, were spotted kissing during a weekend getaway in Palm Springs. The two could barely keep their hands off one another. There’s no way these two can keep…

Kym Johnson, Robert Herjavec Still Deny Rumors They’re Dating

Kym Johnson and Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec still deny rumors that they’re dating, even after the two were spotted kissing as they left Greenblatt’s Deli in Hollywood. The Dancing With the Stars duo appear to be sizzling both on and…

Kym Johnson: Is She Dating ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Partner, Robert Herjavec?

Kym Johnson is paired with Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec on this season of Dancing With the Stars, and now some sources say the pro dancer is engaging in a form of dance with Herjavec off the dance floor, too. One…