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Tag: self-driving cars

Google Reveals First Real Self-Driving Car Prototype
Google unveiled what it says its its “first real build” of its self-driving vehicle prototype. Back in May, Google showed off an early moc...
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Google’s Driverless Cars Feel the Need for Speed (Cause It’s Safer!)
Try using this excuse the next time you get pulled over for speeding. According to Google, exceeding the speed limit is actually safer than strictly o...
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Driverless Cars Will Hit UK Roads in January 2015
Business Secretary Vince Cable and the UK Department for Transport have just announced a “fast track” initiative for driverless cars, sayi...
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FBI: Driverless Cars Might Be Good for Bad People
The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Strategic Issues Group is worried about the possible criminal uses of all these self-driving cars that fol...
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Vacuum Maker Not Impressed With Google’s Driverless Cars
Neato Robotics put out a fun late Friday press release asking what the big deal is about Google’s driverless cars. As you’ve probably hear...
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Google’s New Self-Driving Cars Eliminate Steering Wheel, Gas And Brake Pedals. Just Trust Them.
Google has been busy building some new self-driving car model prototypes without steering wheels gas pedals or brake pedals, or the need for human int...
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Google: Driverless Car Tickets Should Come Our Way
What in the hell happens when one of Google’s driverless cars gets pulled over and handed a ticket? I say ‘when’ because it’s ...
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Google Works To Make Self-Driving Cars More City-Ready
Google just gave the world an update on its self-driving cars. The company says it has been focused on making them more city-ready. Google has improve...
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Driverless Cars More Popular Than Lab Meat and Brain Implants, At Least
The Pew Research Internet Project just published the results of a big survey on “science in the next 50 years,” and the general finding is...
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Driverless Car Sales to Reach Nearly 12 Million in 2035
Driverless car technology is here, and many analysts believe it is not a question of if, but when such technology will become dominant on U.S. roadway...
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Self-Driving Vehicles to Make Up 75% of Sales by 2035
With congress now debating driverless car technology legislation and more automakers beginning to test their own driverless technology, it appears tha...
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Tesla Plans Self-Driving Car, Elon Musk Looks for Autopilot Engineers on Twitter
Although Google is the company that’s garnered the most attention when it comes to driverless automobile technology, they’re not the only ...
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Nissan Expecting To Market Self-Driving Cars By 2020
With every piece of technology being automated in this day in age, which piece of technology has yet to be fully automated? The car. If you think it h...
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Half of U.S. Car Sales to be Driverless by 2032
Google and car manufacturers are continuing to test new self-driving car technologies. At the same time, lawmakers are struggling to regulate the tech...
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Google Thinks That In 100 Years, People Will Marvel That We Ever Allowed Humans To Drive
Google held its annual shareholders meeting on Thursday, discussing numerous topics. As usual in shareholder-related meetings, Google felt the need to...
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Google Snags a New Self-Driving Car Safety Chief
Google, who has been working very hard to get their self-driving cars on the road, has just made another leap forward for the initiative. Just a coupl...
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Driverless Cars More Accident Prone When Humans Are Involved
On Tuesday, Senate bill 1298 was signed into law at Google’s headquarters. This makes it so California must adopt rules and regulations for the ...
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Gov. Jerry Brown Signs California Driverless Car Law at Google HQ
Today, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate bill 1298 into law at Google HQ in Mountain View. He was joined by Google’s Sergey Brin and...
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California Driverless Car Bill to Be Signed into Law at Google HQ
UPDATE: It’s been signed. Late last month, California’s SB 1298 landed on the Governor’s desk after being passed in both the Senate ...
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Self-Driving Cars to Account for 75% of Traffic by 2040, Says IEEE
Despite the concerns of old people in Florida, it’s apparent that driverless technology is the future. Google, of course, is furiously working o...
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