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Significant eBay Search Issue Uncovered, Could Be Hurting Sellers
There’s yet another issue happening on eBay that likely isn’t going to sit too well with sellers that many probably aren’t aware is ...
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Etsy Changes How People Find Your Products
Etsy is launching some changes to its search feature aimed at helping users find more items of interest, but the reaction to the changes from sellers ...
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Instagram’s New Focus on Search Should Excite Marketers
In 2013, boasting a little under 100 million users, Instagram finally decided to pay some attention to its web presence. The social network updated it...
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Google Gives Manufacturers More Control Over Their Product Listings
Google announced the launch of Google Manufacturer Center, which it describes as a tool for brand manufacturers to help them accurately represent thei...
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Recently Added Google Ranking Signal Benefits Etsy Sellers
It’s a good time to be an Etsy seller as far as visibility in Google search is concerned. Earlier this year, Google announced two major pieces o...
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Google Makes It Easier For People To Review Businesses On Mobile Devices
Google has made it easier for people to review businesses using their mobile devices. A tweak to Google’s functionality in mobile browsers has m...
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You’re About To Learn A Hard Lesson If You Do This With Your eBay Listings
If you are using duplicate listing tactics to increase your chances of getting sales on eBay, you really want to stop doing that now, because it’...
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Wow, There Are A Lot Of Services Using Yelp Data
Yelp just announced a pretty significant milestone. It now has over 100,000 developers using its API to integrate its data into their products. Regard...
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Google News Now Gives Personalized Suggestions
Google News has had personalization feature for a long time now, but a new feature actually suggests stories for users based on their interests. Googl...
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Bing Gives Image Search A Makeover
Microsoft announced that it’s rolling out a new user experience for Bing Image Search, which adapts based on query, resolution, and interaction....
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Google Launches Callout Extensions For AdWords
Google announced a new ad extension for AdWords called callout extensions, which allow businesses to add text highlighting specific info about their p...
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Google Expands App Indexing Into More Languages
Google launched app indexing globally in English a couple months back after testing it since November. Now, they’re expanding it into more langu...
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Here’s How To Get Google To Delete Search Results
Google has revealed a new process for takedown requests in relation to the recent controversial “right to be forgotten” ruling by the Cour...
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Here’s Why Pinterest’s New Funding Is Good News For Your Business
Pinterest has reportedly raised a new $200 million round of funding, valuing the company at $5 billion. Investors are apparently impressed with the di...
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Flight MH370 Search Narrowed, But Delayed
Flight MH370 was officially announced to be in a desolate area of the Indian Ocean around 1500 miles west of Perth, Australia on Monday. However, the ...
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Twitter Launches Promoted Accounts In Search
Twitter announced the addition of a new format to its ad platform – Promoted Accounts in Search. Twitter will show these to users in search resu...
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Google Answers User Questions About Remarketing Lists For Search Ads
We recently pointed you to an hour-long video from Google discussing how to improve your search campaigns with remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA)...
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Google Changes Location Targeting For International Search
Google announced some coming changes to location targeting in AdWords, particularly for international searches. Beginning November 11th, advertisers u...
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Google Earnings Are Out, Revenue Up 12% To $14.98 Billion
Google has released its earnings report for the third quarter with revenues of $14.98 billion, an increase of 12% year over year. GAAP operating incom...
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Chrome for iOS’ Incognito Mode Isn’t Working, Leaving Your Naughty Searches Visible in Regular Windows
Just a friendly warning here, guys. If you use Google’s Chrome app on iOS 7, you might want to pay attention. The current version of the app has...
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