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Apple Rejecting Apps that Use Fingerprinting SDKs
Apple has begun rejecting apps that use software development kits (SDKs) that engage in fingerprinting....
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Facebook Issue Took Down High-Profile iOS Apps
An issue with Facebook had far-reaching consequences, taking down some of the biggest names in iOS apps....
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Zoom Removes Facebook SDK From iOS Client
The latest Zoom update removes the Facebook SDK responsible for the app sharing data with Facebook, even if a user did not have a Facebook account....
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Microsoft Shows How Dual-Screen Apps Should Look
Microsoft unveiled two dual-screen devices in October: the Windows-powered Surface Neo and the Android-powered Surface Duo. Although the devices won´┐Ż...
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Microsoft Releases Windows Azure SDK 2.0 For .NET
In its latest earnings report, Microsoft said Windows Azure and related products hit $1 billion in sales. It shows that Microsoft’s cloud platfo...
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Don’t Write Your Own File Picker In Your Google Drive App
You’re building a Google Drive app, and now you want to implement a file picker. You can either build your own or use an existing service. Googl...
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Learn How To Use The Application Data Folder In The Google Drive SDK
The Google Drive SDK has received a lot of love over the past few weeks, especially with the launch of the Realtime API. Google has also been releasin...
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Learn How To Use Google Drive’s New Features
On Thursday, Google launched two new ways for web apps to interact with Google Drive. The first – app data folders – stores critical app d...
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Facebook Releases SDK Updates For Android And iOS
Facebook has recently updated its Android and iOS updates to include a number of useful features for users. To compliment those releases, Facebook is ...
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Facebook SDK 3.2 For iOS Now Available
It’s been quite a while since Facebook last updated its iOS SDK. The last update came out around the launch of the iPhone 5 to include support f...
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Google Drive SDK Team Answers Your Questions
Are you one of the many developers that create apps for Google Drive? If so, you’re in luck. The development team behind the SDK recently held a...
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Facebook SDK 3.0 Beta For Android Now Available
Late last month, Facebook released the Facebook SDK for iOS 3.1 to developers everywhere. It was to help get them ready for the launch of iOS 6 and th...
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Bing Maps SDK Now Available For Windows Store Apps
Let’s say your building a Windows Store app. You want to be on Windows 8 as soon as it launches later this month. Your app features a lot of map...
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Facebook SDK For iOS Updated With iOS 6 Support
Facebook released Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS last month to help developers get the most out of Facebook integration. Unfortunately, it didn’t have...
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Facebook Working On SDK For iOS Update
Apple made headlines yesterday with the reveal of the iPhone 5. They didn’t make mention of it during the conference, but the company also relea...
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Facebook Improves Their Android SDK
Facebook has recently updated their iOS app and the iOS SDK to improve the performance of both. By all accounts, it seems to be working fine now. Now ...
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Facebook SDK 3.0 For iOS Now Available
Apple made waves when they announced that Facebook would be deeply integrated into iOS 6. To compliment the newfound integration, Facebook announced t...
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Facebook Finally Gives Us An Update On Its New iOS SDK
If you recall, Facebook teased us a few weeks back about the new iOS SDK. The tease was only a paragraph long and contained no details whatsoever. It ...
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Want To Build Google Drive Apps? Watch This Video
Among all the product announcements and app updates from Google I/O, it’s easy to forget the developers. The people at Google I/O are there to l...
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Microsoft Developers Can Now Access the SmartGlass SDK
Microsoft’s new SmartGlass technology was met with a collective “meh” at the company’s big E3 press conference. The technology...
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