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Tag: Saudi Arabia

Amnesty Internationals Calls on Google to Halt Saudi Arabia Plans
Amnesty International, along with 38 other humans rights organizations, is calling on Google to halt plans to establish a cloud data center in Saudi A...
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Tesla is Not Really a Luxury Car, Says Lucid Motors CTO
If you look at Tesla they're high-tech, they're beautifully engineered, they're very disruptive, and they're premium price, but you only have to get i...
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Saudi Arabian Man Suspected of Having Ebola Dies
The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health said that a citizen of that country who died Wednesday in Jeddah is suspected of having contracted Ebola while on...
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MERS Virus: Third Case Diagnosed in U.S.
The MERS virus appears to be spreading–albeit very slowly. The third case of the disease in the United States has been officially diagnosed. An ...
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MERS Virus Outbreak Spreads to Egypt, UAE
The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) outbreak that has hit Saudi Arabia in recent weeks has begun spreading. According to a Reuters report, Egy...
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Saudi Penguin Dance: A Muslim Gangnam Style?
“I know what you’re doing in there! Cut it out!” In a land where movie theaters are banned and tribal customs are rampant, a strange...
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MERS Virus Surge Seen in the Middle East
In 2012, the world was first exposed to the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus, better known as MERS. The virus originated in Saudi Arabia, and al...
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Saudi Princesses Under House Arrest Cry for Help Over Twitter
The Saudi Princesses Sahar and Jawaher have begun a Twitter and media campaign to end their thirteen year house arrest. In an e-mail to the Sunday Tim...
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Prince Charles Takes Part In Saudi Sword Dance
The Prince of Wales showed the Saudi Royal family his dance moves when he took part in the time-honored sword dance called the “Ardah” during his...
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Prince Charles Dances With Swords
Prince Charles is currently taking a tour of the Middle East, most recently stopping in Saudi Arabia. On Tuesday, while in the city of Riyadh, the cap...
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Prince Alwaleed Says Obama Lacks Coherent Policy
Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the Saudi royal and self-made billionaire investor, said President Barack Obama lacks a “comprehensive and coherent forei...
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“No Woman, No Drive” Video Goes Viral [VIDEO]
You’re probably aware of Saudi Arabia’s ban on female drivers, which is just one form of oppression women in the Middle Eastern country ar...
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Saudi Arabia Rejects U.N. Security Council Seat
CBS News reported that Saudi Arabia rejected its seat on the U.N. Security Council just mere hours after the five new members were announced. Saudi Ar...
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Saudi Princess Innocent of Human Trafficking
Charges of human trafficking filed against a Saudi Arabian princess living in Orange County California were dropped today as the prosecution failed to...
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Morbidly Obese 2 Year Old Has Weight-Loss Surgery
In 2010, a Saudi Arabian boy became the youngest person in the world to have weight-loss surgery. At that time, the boy weighed 72.7 pounds and had a ...
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MERS-CoV: Three More Deaths Linked to Virus
Three more lives have been claimed by the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) , bringing the total deaths from this virus in Saudi...
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Syria: Latest Global Responses and Developments
After announcing his intentions to intervene militarily in the Syrian crisis, President Barack Obama is working on building support before Congress re...
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Man Texts on Hood of a Speeding Car, Couldn’t Possibly Care Less
It is literally impossible for this guy to give less of a crap about what you think. You think texting while driving is dangerous? Meet texting while ...
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Saudi Prince Throws Disneyland Paris Party For €15 Million
Saudi Prince Fahd al-Saud has taken his love of Disney to the extreme, renting out sections of Disneyland Paris for a special celebration. According t...
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Google Maps Adds Live Traffic Info To More Countries
Google Maps has expanded its live road traffic feature into three more countries (one city each). These include: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Kuwait City, Ku...
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