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Tag: Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Backs Bristol and Slams Obama Over Ahmed Mohamed Too
Sarah Palin has thrown her two cents into the discussion about Ahmed Mohamed, the clock-making high school teen in Texas who was arrested when he brou...
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Bristol Palin Slammed After Calling President ‘Childish’ Over Ahmed Mohamed
Bristol Palin may be a bit confused. Maybe she is getting her political news from the same source her mother is: her imagination. The daughter of poli...
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Bristol Palin Says President Obama Dividing the Country by Inviting Ahmed Mohamed to White House
Bristol Palin is speaking out about Ahmed Mohamed, the former MacArthur High School student from Irving, Texas, who has become famous after being arre...
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Sarah Palin Mourns Chik-fil-A Matriarch, Readies New Book
Sarah Palin popped up again, but there is no word as to whether she saw her shadow or how long Winter will be. This time, the perennial Facebook-posti...
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Nikki Haley VP Chances Weighed by Man Who Launched Sarah Palin
Nikki Haley is the name on the lips of possibly every Republican primary entrant right now, and that’s a lot of men. When South Carolina governo...
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Sarah Palin Shuts Down Online Channel, Another Sign Of Her Fading Popularity
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin recently announced that she’s closing down her subscriber-based online channel. The Sarah Palin Channel, whic...
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Bristol Palin Strikes Back at Those Who Suggest She Abort Baby
Bristol Palin has become a punching bag in her short life. Sure, she has put her own opinion out there, choosing the spotlight on occasion. Doing that...
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Bristol Palin, Daughter of Sarah Palin and Advocate For Abstinence, Is Pregnant and Doesn’t ‘Want a Lecture’
Bristol Palin, the daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and an advocate for abstinence before marriage, has announced that she is pregnant w...
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Rachel Dolezal Impression by Maya Rudolph Has ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ Crowd in Stitches
Rachel Dolezal is, of course, the woman who recently stepped down from her position as head of the Spokane, Washington NAACP after it was determined s...
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Sarah Palin Embarrasses Herself With Late Comment on Duggars
Sarah Palin and daughter Bristol are late to the game in trying to use Lena Dunham to defend Josh Duggar. By now so many people have realized that the...
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Sarah Palin Slams Lena Dunham As “Pedophile” After Duggar Scandal
Sarah Palin took to Facebook earlier this week to slam Lena Dunham and the media’s treatment of the Duggar family, calling Dunham a “pedop...
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Sarah Palin: Awkward Wedding Party Will Go On, But No Wedding
Sarah Palin is back to making Facebook announcements to her legion of adoring fans. This one might have stung a little. Sarah Palin’s daughter B...
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Sarah Palin: Daughter Bristol Palin Calls Off Memorial Weekend Wedding to Dakota Meyer
Sarah Palin won’t marry daughter Bristol Palin off on Memorial Weekend as planned. Bristol and fiance Dakota Meyer have reportedly called off th...
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Samantha Bee Lauded by Jon Stewart in Lengthy Goodbye
Samantha Bee has been a correspondent on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show for 12 years, and Stewart knew that her years on the show–and the countl...
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Michele Bachmann Channels Sarah Palin as Absentee Muckraker
Michelle Bachmann did not seek reelection to the position in Congress that she rode to fame. She no longer has a seat at the table. But that doesnR...
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Phil Robertson Joins Former Rivals to Help Republicans Take Louisiana
Phil Robertson may not be your cup of tea. Maybe you don’t like how he carries around a Bible like some kind of totem, and advises young men to marr...
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Sarah Palin Family Brawl Gets Comment from John McCain
John McCain is outspoken about a number of things, but he typically lets conversation about his former running mate Sarah Palin go across the plate wi...
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Bristol Palin, You’re No Chelsea Clinton
When audio was released of Bristol Palin’s now-infamous police interview after the “drunken brawl” she was involved in at a birthday party, some...
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Sarah Palin Slams Liberals Over Drunken Brawl: ‘They Want to Crush Us’
Sarah Palin has caught crap from “the media” ever since John McCain pulled her out of obscurity as Governor of Alaska. Palin never became Vice Pre...
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Bristol Palin Opens Up About “Brawl”, Says Man Held Her Down
Bristol Palin has opened up about the “brawl” that allegedly occurred with her family recently, saying she can’t sit back and read l...
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