Bristol Palin Says President Obama Dividing the Country by Inviting Ahmed Mohamed to White House

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Bristol Palin is speaking out about Ahmed Mohamed, the former MacArthur High School student from Irving, Texas, who has become famous after being arrested on suspicion of bringing a bomb to school. Of course, the rest of the world now knows that Ahmed Mohamed did not bring a bomb, but rather a clock he had built to show an engineering teacher. Bristol Palin knows this, too. She doesn't have a problem with Ahmed Mohamed. She has a problem with Barack Obama.

Try to follow along. Bristol Palin heard the news that President Barack Obama had tweeted out to Ahmed Mohamed. It is this tweet that Bristol Palin takes issue with.

President Obama's tweet read:

"Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It's what makes America great."

In response to President Obama's tweet, Bristol Palin wrote on her own blog:

"This is the kind of stuff Obama needs to STAY out of. This encourages more racial strife that is already going on with the “Black Lives Matter” crowd and encourages victimhood.

"The police made a mistake, clearly.

"But why put more people against them? Why egg it on? Childish games like this from our president have divided our country… even more today than when he was elected."

Bristol Palin does not here elaborate on how President Obama managed to divide the country when he was elected. She does not say that his presidency divides the country. Rather, she marks a specific point in time, comparing "today" with "when he was elected."

Is Bristol Palin saying that the very act of being Barack Obama being elected divided the country? Is she aware that he did not elect himself, but a majority of voting Americans did? Twice?

Is Britstol Palin aware that it was her own mother, in the Presidential race of 2008 against Barack Obama, who raised the topic of "the real America," dividing people into groups?

Yet somehow, Bristol Palin thinks that the President speaking out in a small way to combat Islamaphobia and show unity with all races is divisive.

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