Sarah Palin Shuts Down Online Channel, Another Sign Of Her Fading Popularity

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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin recently announced that she's closing down her subscriber-based online channel.

The Sarah Palin Channel, which started last July, allowed Palin to reach viewers without "a media filter" at membership charges of $9.95 every month or $99.95 for the whole year.

Now, the former Fox News contributor has decided to provide her content for free on her Facebook page and website,, starting on August 1.

Palin stated that she's shutting down the online channel because she preferred to connect to more people so her voice can be heard especially since the 2016 presidential election is approaching fast.

The former vice-presidential runner further said that she felt privileged to have people subscribed to her channel and that she found it informative to see and reply to comments about current happenings.

However, the channel shutdown may simply be due to low member subscriptions, says Jason Easley of Politicususa.

But a spokesperson for TAPP, which Palin's channel is a part of, has declined to reveal the membership figures of the online channel.

Nevertheless, the public relations company will issue refunds to those who subscribed for the whole year and wishes Palin well in her endeavours.

Indeed, Palin's sparkle as a former conservative superstar is fading fast.

Her every word made the headlines back in 2010 upon joining Fox News and she became the face of the Tea Party. Her popularity is now in decline and over the years the former Governor's appearances on the Fox News network has dwindled.

Last month, Fox News refused to renew Palin's contract as a contributor, and analysts have concluded that the network has realized that the Republican isn't worth her huge paycheck (reportedly about $1 million per year), now that she isn't what she used to be.

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