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Tag: safety

Twitter Makes Efforts To Combat Harassment
Twitter just announced that it’s making some changes to how it handles harassment, which has become a pretty big problem on the Internet at larg...
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Panic bars save lives, says Qualified Hardware
In the summer of 1883, a traveling variety show made a stop at Victoria Hall in Sunderland, England. Near the end of the show, the entertainers announ...
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Tips for Protecting Your Identity Online, Featuring Aidan J Cassidy
Commissioned News Story (Source: Aidan J Cassidy) It seems that hardly a day goes by anymore that we don’t hear about some major security breach on ...
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Google’s Nest Smoke Alarms Recalled
Google has only owned Nest for just over three months, and its smoke alarms are already being recalled. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission ha...
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Texting and Driving Targeted in DoT’s First National Anti-Distracted Driving Ads
Everyone can agree that any deaths that stem from distracted driving are tragic, but 3,328 in a single year? That’s just staggering. In light of the...
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GM Recalls Affect 3.1 Million Vehicles
On Monday, General Motors CEO Mary Barra released a video message for GM employees announcing the recall of 1.5 million vehicles due to faulty enginee...
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Home Security Systems: It’s All Good ‘Til It’s Hacked
Home security systems have been flooding the news lately. With the Top Home Security Systems website naming FrontPoint Security once again the #1 syst...
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Quit Smoking With Cigarettes That Might Explode?
It’s hard to be a smoker in 2013. Law after law and policy after policy has severely limited the range of locations where those pressed for a ni...
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Porn Industry May Have to Strap on Some Goggles
Zippp! Look out! Gushhh! Watch it! Worried about being hit and infected by another human being’s bodily fluids? California porn stars need not fret,...
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Navy Yard Shooting; Can We Stop Future Shootings?
Authorities have identified the perpetrator responsible for the Navy Yard shooting as Aaron Alexis, a man who enlisted in the Navy in 2007 yet was let...
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Roller Coaster Set To Reopen After Lawsuit
A roller coaster in Texas was the cause of a death of a young woman two months ago. It is set to reopen this weekend, with new safety measures put in ...
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Cities Safer Than Rural Areas, Shows Study
Americans’ vision of the rural U.S. is often the idyllic Mayberry setting of The Andy Griffith Show. However, a new study has now shown that the...
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Facebook Partners with State Attorneys General for New Privacy Initiative
Facebook, who is always fighting an uphill battle to when it comes to privacy and users’ trust, has just announced a joint initiative with the N...
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Google Snags a New Self-Driving Car Safety Chief
Google, who has been working very hard to get their self-driving cars on the road, has just made another leap forward for the initiative. Just a coupl...
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Facebook Ramps Up Its Anti-Bullying Initiative
In honor of Bullying Prevention Month, Facebook it taking a few steps to insert itself deeper into the cause, including the launch of a new bullying r...
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Claims of Cyberbullying Epidemic May Be Exaggerated
Let’s face it, kids are jerks – jerks that have been picking on other kids since the dawn of time. Bullies are a part of life, and sometim...
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Facebook’s Still Debating Whether or Not to Let in Your 12-Year-Old; Are You Still Concerned?
I’m 27 years old. Actually, I’m not 27 years old. I’m 26 years old. I just lied on the internet! And trust me, it really is so easy ...
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Facebook Is Still No Country For Sex Offenders, Says Indiana Judge
“Sex offenders are deplorable and allowing them access to our children via Facebook is criminal.” How about “it’s a universal ...
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If Facebook Lets in Preteens, They Better Not See Any Ads and Parents Better Have Control, Say Consumer Groups
Facebook’s longstanding rules on preteens accessing the service may be changing, as we learned earlier this month that the company was mulling t...
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Google Discusses Its Safe Browsing Record
No, this isn’t an advertisement for the benefits Google’s Chrome browser provides. Not even vicariously. Instead, the latest post over at ...
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