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Tag: Righthaven

Righthaven Copyrights (Including Porn Titles) Being Auctioned on eBay
17 Righthaven copyrights are being auctioned off on eBay today. I’m not going to rehash the entire Righthaven saga here, but if you’re unf...
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Copyright Troll Righthaven Put In Their Place
The court system is sick and tired of organizations building businesses around petty copyright infringement cases. Righthaven is an LLC that has forme...
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The New Has A Sense Of Humor
If you’ve followed the Righthaven saga at all, you probably know that the “copyright troll’s” domain was auctioned off as it s...
Read More Now Pays Tribute To Content Creators
As previously reported, was sold in an online auction, and now, there is a big pro-content message on it, as a Switzerland-based hostin...
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Google Speaks Out Against Righthaven In Court
The last time we checked in with the Righthaven saga, had just been sold in a domain auction, as Righthaven struggled to pay legal cost...
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Righthaven Domain Sold In Auction
We recently reported that was up for auction on Snapnames, and it has now sold. And not for much. It ended up going for $3,300. That...
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Righthaven Domain Now Being Auctioned
Righthaven, which is commonly referred to as a “copyright troll,” is now having its domain name auctioned off by domain auction sit...
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Righthaven Ordered to Pay Huge Fine
The woes continue for Righthaven, the company designed to sue bloggers and others on the web for allegedly infringing upon the copyrights of its clien...
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Righthaven Gets Taste of Irony as Defendant Seeks Assets
The Righthaven storyline continues to get even more interesting. The company, often referred to as a “copyright troll,” first stopped fili...
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Righthaven Strategy Called a “Dumb Idea” By Denver Post Publisher
Righthaven’s blogger-suing (often referred to as “copyright troll”) business model might be winding down. Though still appealing pas...
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Righthaven May File for Bankruptcy: Report
Things don’t appear to be looking too great for Righthaven these days. After losing some key fair use cases, the company stopped filing suits al...
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Righthaven Stops Filing Suits (At Least for Now)
Righthaven, which has made a business out of suing people for alleged copyright infringement (see background stories here) has not filed a suit in two...
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Righthaven Loses Another Fair Use Case, Ordered to Pay $34K in Legal Fees
Righthaven was dealt another blow in a Nevada federal court, as it was ordered to pay over $34,000 to cover the legal fees of the defendant it had jus...
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EFF Moves For Dismissal of Key Righthaven Case
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which has been aiding various defendants in copyright lawsuits brought by Righthaven (commonly referred to a...
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Another Righthaven Copyright Case Thrown Out, Only To Be Filed Again
Righthaven lost another copyright case, this time in Nevada. The “company” seems to be losing a lot lately, but this time, they have decid...
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To Righthaven’s Dismay, Judge Rules Copying of Entire Article Fair Use
Righthaven was dealt another blow in court this week when a judge ruled that one of the defendants it was suing over copyright infringement had fairly...
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Righthaven Complaint Dismissed in Key Case
Righthaven, the company often referred to as a “copyright troll,” which has essentially made a business out of suing bloggers and media ou...
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GoDaddy Takes Down Righthaven Domain
Righthaven is the subject of a bit of irony as it has had its domain taken down by registrar GoDaddy. If you go to, you will see the me...
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Righthaven Wants More than Domains Now
Righthaven, the company that turned copyright lawsuits into a business model, had a claim dismissed by a federal court in Nevada last week. The judge ...
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Righthaven Files Suit Against Ars Technica Writer, Quickly Dismisses It
Eriq Gardner, a journalist who contributed this article to Ars Technica 3 months ago was being sued by the controversial Righthaven, but then Righthav...
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