Righthaven Ordered to Pay Huge Fine

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The woes continue for Righthaven, the company designed to sue bloggers and others on the web for allegedly infringing upon the copyrights of its clients/partners.

You can see our past coverage of the Righthaven saga here. The last time we checked in, Righthaven received a huge dose of irony, as a defendant sought Righthaven's own assets.

That's because Righthaven has had a hard time coming up with the money it's been ordered to pay. It was recently ordered to pay one fine of about $34K, in addition to various other smaller ones. But now, The Las Vegas Sun is reporting (hat tip: Ars Technica) that Righthaven has ordered to pay a much larger fine in a different case - a whopping $119,488 in attorney's fees and legal costs. Ouch. Steve Green, writing for the publication says, this is the largest fee they've been ordered to pay, but will likely "be dwarfed by an upcoming award in Righthaven's failed suit against the Democratic Underground.

This is a case we've looked at in the past. Back in the summer, a Las Vegas judge dismissed it.

In fact, Righthaven has been dealt a number of blows throughout the year, as referenced throughout that aforementioned previous coverage.

Things are looking pretty bleak for the company that is commonly referred to around the web as the "copyright troll".

Chris Crum
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