Richard Rosenblatt Steps Down As CEO And Chairman of Demand Media

Demand Media just announced that its board of directors has accepted the resignation of Richard Rosenblatt as CEO and chairman of the company. The resignation as CEO is effective as of October 31st, and resignation as chairman is effective immediately.…

Google Was Not Kind To Demand Media In Q2

Demand Media just posted its earnings report for its Q2 earnings, with revenue and revenue ex-TAC up 9% year-over-year. Revenue growth, the company says, was primarily driven by 15% Owned & Opearted revenue growth. Registrar revenue grew by 10% year-over-year.…

Demand Media To Split Into Two Public Companies, Earnings Released

Demand Media announced today that its board of directors has authorized a plan for the company to explore separating into two separate public companies – one for its media business and one for its domain business. CEO Richard Rosenblatt said,…

This Google Panda “Victim” Just Posted Record Revenue And Profitability

The Google Panda update, originally unleashed in early 2011, continues to take its toll on the Internet, for better or for worse (most would probably say better). While there are frequently rumors about new updates or refreshes to Panda, the…

Demand Media Goes on the Defensive About Content Quality

Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt mentioned in the company’s earnings call the other day that Demand Media was ready to set out and rigorously start defending its content, as it falls victim to a great deal of criticism over quality. 

Demand Media: We’re “Very White Hat”

Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt, speaking on an earnings call today, took to defending his company’s content, which is often subject to a great deal of criticism, though I would contend that much of the criticism is really geared toward Google for surfacing some of the more questionable (in quality) content over other results that would appear more authoritative. 

Is This Google Algorithm Change About Content Farms or Not?

Google has launched a change in its algorithm, following a post a week ago from Matt Cutts talking about the search engine’s approach to spam and content farms. However, it is still unclear whether this new update is the related to the "content farm" side of things.

Is the Content Farm Strategy Just Misunderstood?

Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt doesn’t understand much of the criticism geared toward his company, which Time Magazine columnist Dan Fletcher refers to as "the Web’s least understood and most vilified juggernaut." I attended a panel at SXSW this week in which Fletcher and Rosenblatt discussed Demand’s content strategy that has become the basis of so much controversy (Read here for more background