Apple News Could Account for $2.2 Billion and 19 Million Users by 2023

Investment bank Cowen is predicting Apple News+ will account for $2.2 billion in revenue and have some 19 million users by 2023.

US Bill Would Allow Small News Publishers to Band Together Against Social Media

A new bill would pave the way for small news publishers to work together to negotiate better deals with tech companies.

Google Launches Emergency Relief Fund to Support Local News

Google is launching the Journalism Emergency Relief Fund in an effort to help support local journalists and news outlets amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Google May Start Paying Publishers For News

Google and news publishers have been at odds for years, with the latter wanting Google to pay for content. While Google’s search sends an untold number of visitors to news websites, Google doesn’t pay for any of the content that shows up in its News service.

Ad-pocalypse Now? I Think Not!

“Ad-pocalypse Now? I Think Not!” exclaimed Steve Chester, Director of Data and Industry Programmes at the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB UK). Adblocking is the cause of huge headaches for internet publishers, gaming companies and advertisers. It’s a huge problem and…

You’re About to See More Instant Articles on Facebook

Back in May, Facebook announced its Instant Articles initiative – basically a program to get major publications like the New York Times, NBC News, and The Atlantic to let Facebook host their content. Since then, Facebook has published a handful…

Facebook Instant Articles: More Details Emerge

There have been reports for months that Facebook has been looking to get publishers to let the social network host their content so it can show it to users in a quicker, more user-friendly manner, particularly on mobile devices. In…

Most of Your Traffic Is Human, Says comScore

Good news, everyone! Unless you’re one of the unlucky few publishers on the wrong end of the spectrum, chances are good that the vast majority of your traffic is living, breathing humans. Among the top 85% of publishers comScore looked…

Could These New Facebook Features Help Offset Organic Reach Decline?

Facebook has fallen out of favor with a lot of publishers thanks to the ever-decreasing organic reach it’s providing for their posts. Some new features from the company could help ease the pain, however. This week alone has seen an…

Google News Gives Publishers New Way To Submit Editors’ Picks

Google is giving publishers who appear in Google News a new way to submit Editors’ Picks, which can appear on the Google News homepage or select section pages. The Editors’ Picks feature has been around for quite some time, and…