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Reddit Tells Protesting Communities They Must Open This Week
Reddit is continuing its crackdown on protesting subreddits, telling them they must reopen, or at least reveal plans to reopen, this week....
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Uber France Execs Reportedly Arrested
Uber France CEO Thibault Simphal and Uber Europe GM Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty have both been taken into custody, according to reports from the AFP and ...
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French Taxi Drivers Burn Tires, Flip Cars in Massive Uber Protest
If you’re looking to get around Paris today, expect delays. And fires. Roads to and from Paris airports and train stations are blocked, as is th...
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Michael Brown Verdict: Darren Wilson Turning in Badge?
The Michael Brown verdict has everyone on edge, but probably no one more than Darren Wilson. Now the Washington Times reports that the officer at the ...
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Piaget Crenshaw Releases Video Evidence in Michael Brown Case
There is perhaps no bigger news story in the United States at the current moment than the case of Michael Brown – a Ferguson, Mo teen who was gu...
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Thai Army Declares Yet Another Coup
When the Thai army first seized control a couple of days ago, they initially informed citizens that it was not a coup. They felt it was a needed respo...
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Nevada Cattle Rancher Battles The Federal Government
In the fight that has ensued and promises to escalate between Cliven Bundy and governmental “hired guns”, something is about to go serious...
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Fast Food Protests Focus on Wage Theft
Hundreds of McDonald’s employees took to the streets on Tuesday to protest a variety of complaints, not the least of which is wage theft. The As...
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First Video from Inside Supreme Court Hits YouTube
“What you’re about to see has never been seen before. This is video from inside the chamber of the US Supreme Court. Under their arcane ru...
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Jimmy Carter Heading To Venezuela
With the current political unrest in Venezuela right now – violent protests against the government killing many innocent victims – former ...
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Venezuela Beauty Queen Killed In Recent Protests
The 22-year old Miss Turismo, 2013, Genesis Carmona, was shot in the city of Valencia Tuesday in an anti-government protest. She was pronounced dead o...
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Venezuelan Beauty Queen Killed During Protest
Venezuelan beauty queen Genesis Carmona, 22, has become one of the latest victims in the continued unrest in the troubled country. The young college s...
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Bangkok Shutdown As Protests Rage On
Today saw the beginnings of a planned month-long “shutdown” in Bangkok. Anti-government protesters have successfully blocked off several key point...
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Westboro Baptist Church Protests Outside of Four Churches in California
The religious-crazed circus is at again with all their obnoxious antics and political beliefs. Westboro Baptist Church was scheduled to protest at fou...
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Muslim Brotherhood Denounced As Terrorists
The Muslim Brotherhood was denounced as a terrorist organization on Wednesday by the current leaders of Egypt. The Egyptian military removed President...
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Russia Boosts Ukraine Economy with $15 Billion Loan
Over the past month, Ukraine has faced its largest series of anti-government protests since the Orange Revolution in 2004, where thousands of citizens...
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Ukraine Protesters Gain Traction; Police Back Down
Early Wednesday morning, riot police in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, withdrew from two separate areas where protesters were demonstrating. This move...
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Thai Parliament Dissolved, Protesters Press On
Bangkok has been the site of a long series of increasingly violent protests. The anti-government protesters wish to rid their country of the influence...
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Mexico City Site Of Major Protest Over Energy Reform
The one year anniversary of President Enrique Pena Nieto’s inauguration saw tens of thousands of protesters take to the streets of Mexico City. ...
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Bangkok Protests Turn Violent As Police Retaliate
Thousands of anti-government protesters flooded the streets of Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city, on Monday, November 25, with the opposition lea...
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