French Taxi Drivers Burn Tires, Flip Cars in Massive Uber Protest

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If you're looking to get around Paris today, expect delays. And fires.

Roads to and from Paris airports and train stations are blocked, as is the beltway around the city, thanks to a massive protest against ride company Uber. The city's Taxi drivers, who've been critical of Uber's practices for some time, took to the streets today and reportedly flipped cars, attacked Uber drivers, and burned tires.

Police say that around 2,800 taxi drivers are taking part in the protests.

The taxi drivers are protesting UberPOP (UberX in the States). Their gripe is one we've heard for years, in many countries including the US. The drivers see Uber as unfair competition, as its drivers don't have to jump through the same hoops as traditional taxi drivers – mainly licensing, regulations, and inspections.

Protests are the most intense in Paris, but are also taking place in other French cities such as Marseille and Aix-en-Provence.

Courtney Love seems to have been involved in some of the violence.

According to Reuters, France's interior minister called for an UberPOP ban in response to the protests.

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