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Pinterest Expands Promoted Pins Internationally
Pinterest announced the launch of Promoted Pins in the UK, its first international expansion of the product. According to the company, this is a major...
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Pinterest Reportedly Testing Video Ads
We heard two months ago that Pinterest was preparing to launch video ads, but haven’t heard much about it since then. While the company has yet ...
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Pinterest Opens Ads Manager to All U.S. Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
Pinterest just announced that it is opening the Pinterest Ads Manager to all small and medium-sized businesses int he U.S. Until now, it’s been ...
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Video Ads Reportedly Coming to Pinterest
Pinterest is planning on launching video ads. That’s the word from a new report from Digiday, which cites agencies briefed on the plans. The rep...
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Does Pinterest Have A Place In Your Search Budget?
Pinterest is often thought of as a social network, and it is to an extent. You can follow people (including friends), and they can follow you back. Yo...
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Pinterest Gives Businesses a Way to Get in Front of More People
When it comes to advertising, Pinterest says it’s about “mapping your business goals to the steps Pinners take to plan their futures.̶...
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Pinterest Sees 20% Increase In Repinning From Home Feed, Where Ads Now Appear
Pinterest has been developing new machine learning models to improve its home feed, under the banner of “Pinnability”. “The more peo...
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Pinterest Ads Are Getting Better
With its Promoted Pins now available to advertisers, Pinterest is working on improving what its ads can do, as you’d expect. The most important ...
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Pinterest’s Ads Will Now Appear in Your Home Feed
Pinterest’s “promoted pins” have been appearing on the site since fall 2013, but until now they’ve only shown up in search and...
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Promoted Pins Are Really Good At Getting Clicks
When 2015 started, Pinterest made reservation-based Promoted Pins available to all advertising partners. Early indication is that the ad format could ...
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Promoted Pins About To Open Up To All Partners
2014 has been a year of testing for Pinterest when it comes to Promoted Pins, which are sure to be the company’s big revenue generator. They fir...
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Pinterest To Adjust Privacy Policy For Coming Ads
Pinterest said on Friday that it will make some updates to its privacy policy on October 19th in an effort to make its Promoted Pins more relevant to ...
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Pinterest Gives More Businesses Access To DIY Promoted Pins
Pinterest announced over two months ago that it was testing do-it-yourself Promoted Pins with a handful of businesses including Vineyard Vines, Nicole...
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Pinterest Tests Do-It-Yourself Promoted Pins, New Analytics
Pinterest is beta testing do-it-yourself Promoted Pins and a new analytics offering. Last month, the company announced that it was rolling out Promote...
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Pinterest Rolls Out Next Phase Of Promoted Pins
Pinterest announced Monday that it is rolling out the next phase of its Promoted Pins ad product. The company began testing them last fall. Pinterest ...
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More Details About Pinterest’s Upcoming Ads Revealed
As you may know by now, Pinterest is gearing up to launch its Promoted Pins ad product after testing since last fall. Here’s what they looked li...
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Pinterest Ads Are Coming In Q2 [Report]
Pinterest announced its forthcoming ads in September, and began testing the “Promoted Pins” the next month. Now, the Wall Street Journal i...
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Pinterest Ads Aren’t Going To Be Cheap
It looks like advertising on Pinterest is going to be pretty costly, at least at first. The company first announced its forthcoming ads back in Septem...
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Pinterest’s ‘Promoted Pin’ Ads Make Their Debut
Today is the first day that you might see some advertisements on Pinterest. The company has just announced that their “promoted pin” test,...
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Pinterest Ads Are Coming, CEO Promises They Will Be Tasteful and Useful
Pinterest is finally going to start experimenting with ads. CEO and co-founder Ben Silbermann made the announcement today on the Pinterest blog, promi...
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