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Tag: Project Glass

Google Glass May Come To Optometry Offices
Google is reportedly in talks to create prescription lenses for Google Glass, and get them in optometry offices. The Wall Street Journal is reporting ...
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Google Glass Gets Voice Command For Music
Google announced today that it has added some new functionality to Google Glass that will be appealing to music lovers. Over the course of the next fe...
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Here’s A Look At The Next Version Of Google Glass
As you may know, Google announced this week that it is giving Glass Explorers a new version of the Google Glass hardware, which the company will swap ...
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Google Glass Will Get Its Own App Store Next Year [Report]
Google will reportedly be launching a special app store just for Google Glass apps in 2014. Buried in a seven-page New York Times report from Friday, ...
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Newt Gingrich Gets Google Glass, Must’ve Figured Out the Whole Smartphone Thing
Ok, so you know how there’s an exclusive Google Glass setup shop located on the 8th floor of Chelsea Market in Manhattan? Well, Next Gingrich wa...
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Google Glass Goes to Wimbledon (on the Face of Bethanie Mattek-Sands)
On Tuesday, American Bethanie Mattek-Sands will take the court against Germany’s Angelique Kerber in the first round of the Championships at Wim...
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Pictures of Richard Branson in Drag and Other Useful Google Searches Through Glass
Google’s Mike LeBeau and Amanda Rosenberg decided to make a video to show off some of the the useful searches you can do via Google Glass. ̶...
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Casinos Are Already Banning Google Glass
Although Americans may be warming up to Google Glass and its ilk, it’s inevitable that some businesses and institutions are going to seek to ban...
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Here’s Google’s New ‘Getting Started’ Video For Glass
It seems like only yesterday that Google was showing us the concept video for Glass, and now here we are with the “getting started” video ...
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Google Glass In Strip Clubs? Probably Not.
While Google Glass may not be widely available to consumers yet, it will be soon, and developers are already coming up with interesting apps for the d...
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Taser Aims To Create Robocop With Google Glass
Taser has been accepted into the Google Glass Explorer program, TheNextWeb reports, which could help it make devices for police officers that build on...
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Should The Government Ban The Use Of Google Glass While Driving?
As previously reported, West Virginia is already looking to outlaw the use of devices like Google Glass while driving. Other states are likely to foll...
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Google Glass While Driving Ban Already Being Considered in One State
When you think about upcoming Google technologies that state legislatures may be looking to regulate on their roadways, the first thing that pops into...
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Here’s What St. Paddy’s Day Will Look Like Through Google Glass
This time next year, millions of people will be drinking themselves stupid by 10:00 am on St. Patrick’s Day. The only difference between this ye...
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Google Glass Will Be Available To You This Year
The Verge has confirmed with Google that a “fully-polished” version of Google Glass will be ready for consumers by the end of the year, th...
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Google Asks Warby Parker to Help Improve Google Glass’ Fashion Sense [REPORT]
Google Glass is slowly working its way into the general public’s hands, as Google has begun the process of letting average people strap on the d...
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You Have A Week To Apply For Your Own Google Glass [#ifihadglass]
Earlier, we shared the new Google Glass video, which shows a bunch of interesting use cases for the device. This video was part of a new site Google h...
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This Is How It Feels To Wear Google Glass
Aside from the folks at Google and a few lucky developers, none of us have had the chance to wear Glass yet. We, the consumers, still don’t know...
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Eric Schmidt In 2010: I’m Not Sure You Want To Walk Around With These ‘Odd Glasses’ On
Since Google first unveiled Google Glass, many have wondered if people will buy into the device, simply from the fashion perspective. In other words, ...
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Here’s A Recent TED Talk About Prototyping Google Glass
Tom Chi, one of the guys behind Google Glass spoke about prototyping the device at TEDYouth. He discusses how the company was able to speed up the cre...
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