Newt Gingrich Gets Google Glass, Must've Figured Out the Whole Smartphone Thing

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Ok, so you know how there's an exclusive Google Glass setup shop located on the 8th floor of Chelsea Market in Manhattan? Well, Next Gingrich was just there getting set up with his own pair of Google Glass.

So here's a photo of Next Gingrich getting Google Glass:

(via Seth Weintraub)

And here's a video of Next Gingrich trying out Google Glass, taken through Google Glass:

"[A]ll of us at Gingrich Productions are excited to have the opportunity to test 'Google Glass.' No one knows if Glass will be the next big development in technology, changing our lives like internet-connected smartphones have. But judging from what we have seen of the technology so far, it might," Gingrich said back in April when he revealed that he'd been selected to participate in the early adopter program.

"Google Glass is one more example of the pioneers of the future who are creating a more open, prosperous and powerful American future, despite the confusion and bickering in Washington."

We're just happy that it looks like he may have figured out that whole "what the hell is a smartphone thing."

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