Google Asks Warby Parker to Help Improve Google Glass’ Fashion Sense [REPORT]

Google Glass is slowly working its way into the general public’s hands, as Google has begun the process of letting average people strap on the device for personal use. Googlers (especially Sergey Brin) can’t seem to find a time where they think it’s inappropriate to advertise Google Glass. The Project Glass wave is coming, but one big question remains.

Will people actually want to walk around all day wearing Google Glass? I mean, Google’s Eric Schmidt even had his doubts way back in 2010, saying, “I’m not sure you really want to walk through town with these odd glasses on, you know, looking like an airforce jetfighter or something,”

It looks like Google is very aware of this possible roadblock. In order to make the glasses a little more stylistically acceptable, Google is apparently in talks with Warby Parker, the online startup that sells affordable, trendy glasses and sunglasses. The New York Times cites two anonymous sources that say Google is looking to Warby Parker help make Google Glass a bit more fashionable.

Earlier this week, Google opened up a contest of sorts that allows people to plead their cases on why they should be one of the first people in the world to get a pair for personal use. Google asks that interested parties apply via Twitter or Google+ with the hashtag #ifihadglass. It must be a short application (50 words or less) and can contain photos and even a short video. If selected, applicants will receive an invitation to become a “Google Glass Explorer” and will be given the privilege of pre-ordering the new smart glasses for $1,500.

Google also unveiled an impressive new Google Glass video called “How It Feels [through Glass],” which features POV shots of the various uses of Google Glass.

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