Taser Aims To Create Robocop With Google Glass

Chris CrumIT Management

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Taser has been accepted into the Google Glass Explorer program, TheNextWeb reports, which could help it make devices for police officers that build on technology the company is already using.

Check out this video for Taser's AXON Flex:

And this one from TheVerge:

TheNextWeb spoke with Taser CEO Rick Smith:

Talking to us earlier this week, Smith suggested that automated vehicle number plate recognition and driving license recognition were obvious quick wins, with face recognition of wanted criminals and missing persons a possibility further down the road. “We see this shifting to more real-time applications over the next decade,” he said, adding that Taser is working towards a future in which police records are gathered in real-time, using technology like voice-to-text conversion to capture statements and other spoken evidence. The company plans to roll such tech into Evidence.com.

While using a third-party cloud solution may seem like an odd step for police forces to take with such sensitive data, Smith says that it allows the technology to be introduced much more easily, quickly and cheaply than if it had to be integrated on-site with existing IT systems at each force’s HQ. He says that 90-95% of the police forces using AXON Flex opt for using Evidence.com over integrating the cameras with their own systems. Data is protected with two-factor authentication logins (using Google Authenticator, SMS or email) and 256-bit SSL encryption.

Google has been conjuring up images of Terminator ever since it introduced Glass, but Robocop capabilities are starting to sound a lot more plausible. Of course, they're still talking about using living people at this point (rather than corpses, as in the movie), so that's comforting.


Maybe they should hold off on that Robocop remake a little longer, so it doesn't seem dated immediately.

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