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Tag: Plane Crash

Erin Storm Of ‘The Bachelor’ Dies In Fiery Plane Crash
Former The Bachelor contestant Erin Storm has died in a private airplane crash in Los Angeles County on Monday, reports confirmed. The Bachelor’...
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Selfies Contributed to Fatal Plane Crash, Says NTSB
In May of last year, two men were killed when their Cessna 150 crashed in a field outside Denver, Colorado. Now, the National Transportation Safety Bo...
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Plane Crash in the Bahamas Leaves One Dead
A small plane carrying 11 passengers went down over water near the Bahamas Tuesday, killing a 77-year-old American, according to local authorities. Th...
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Myles Munroe And His Entourage Killed In Plane Crash
Dr. Myles Munroe, a preacher, author, and business coach, was killed on November 9 after his private plane crashed in the Bahamas. There were no survi...
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Lancaster Plane Crash Leaves Two Dead In Western New York State
A plane crash near the Buffalo-Lancaster Regional Airport has left two dead, a 78-year-old pilot and a 14-year-old boy. The crash happened midair betw...
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Plane Crash in Bahamas Leaves Four Dead
At 8:30 am Monday morning, a Cessna 340 aircraft left Ormond Beach Municipal Airport and headed for Grand Bahama International Airport. Unfortunately,...
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TransAsia Airways Plane Crashes, 47 Dead
A TransAsia Airways turboprop airplane crashed on an island near Taiwan on Wednesday, killing 47 people. The crash set buildings on fire, however no o...
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Plane Crashes Into Long Island Yard – Kills Pilot
On Tuesday, a small plane crashed into a Long Island yard, killing the pilot. The plane crashed into a yard in East Patchogue, a hamlet on Long Island...
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McDonald’s Plane Crash Leads To Broken Leg
The pilot whose plane crashed outside of a McDonald’s in Monroe, La. was hospitalized for moderate injuries. Michael Ray Martin of Calhoun suffe...
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McDonalds Plane Crash Leaves Pilot Injured
A 41-year-old man was injured on Tuesday when his plane crashed near a McDonalds restaurant in Louisiana. The pilot, Michael Ray Martin, had reported ...
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McDonald’s Plane Crash Sends Pilot To The Hospital
It was a very close call for one Northern Louisiana McDonald’s restaurant on Tuesday. According to airport officials, a small plane that was pre...
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Air Show Crash: Horrible Incident Caught On Tape
What was meant to be a thrilling and fun day for everyone who came out to the Stevens Point Air Show ended in a fatal tragedy. William Cowden, of Meno...
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Military Jet Crashes In Desert: What Went Wrong?
It was a very close call for a pilot who crashed a military plane in the Arizona desert on Friday. A Marine Corps Harrier jet reportedly went down on ...
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Jamaica Crash Landing Caused by Pilot Error
The investigation of a Jamaican plane crash that occurred almost five years ago has cited a botched landing coupled with pilot fatigue as being the ca...
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Denver Colorado Plane Crash: What Went Wrong?
An unidentified pilot had a close call on Monday afternoon when his plane crashed into the side of a house in Northglenn, Colo., located just ten mile...
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South Dakota Plane Crash Leaves No Survivors
A South Dakota plane crash over the weekend left no survivors, officials say, due to heavy winds and fog. The plane was piloted by 30-year old Donald ...
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US Airways Flight 1702: ‘Harrowing Experience’
A US Airways pilot was forced to abort takeoff Thursday when a tire on the front landing gear of US Airways flight 1702 blew out. No serious injuries ...
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Malaysia Airlines Plane: Was It Hijacked?
As the search for the vanished Flight MH370 continues, the likely outcome becomes grimmer and grimmer with each passing minute. Already the surviving ...
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Malaysia Airlines: NYT Reports Oil Slick Sighting
The New York Times is reporting that the first clue as to the fate of Flight MH370 may have been found. An oil slick spanning 12 miles has been spotte...
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Malaysia Airlines Plane Vanishes, Search Underway
A Malaysia Airlines plane has vanished without a trace and so have the 239 people on board. CNN reports that around 1:30 pm EST, air traffic control f...
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