WordPress’ Share Of The World’s Top Blogs Increases

The majority of the world’s top 100 blogs are using WordPress, according to a new report from Pingdom, and the content management system’s share of these blogs is on the rise. According to the firm, 52% of these blogs are…

Pingdom: Facebook Could Be Bigger Than Any Country On Earth By 2016

Pingdom has put together some stats and charts today with the goal of proving that Facebook may be able to become the biggest “country” on the planet (in terms of population) by the year 2016. Noting that Facebook already overtook…

You Can’t Really Appreciate The Internet Until You See Just How Big It Is

The Internet is a massive series of tubes network that we often take for granted in our everyday lives. It’s not often that we get to see just how big this network really is, but a new report gives us…

Despite 5 Awful Years, Windows Vista Still #3 Most Used OS In The World

Today marks exactly five years since Microsoft cast the cruciatus curse of operating systems onto PCs everywhere: Windows Vista. The reviews have never been… kind, to put it gently. You’d be lucky to find anyone these days who could convincingly…

Report Looks at Just How Important Email is To Google, Microsoft and Yahoo

Pingdom has put together an interesting report looking at just how important webmail is for the three companies that dominate it – Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. Citing data from Alexa, the firm finds that Gmail makes up 23% of the…

Firefox’s Progress Charted By Pingdom

By most accounts, Firefox 4 represents a big success. It’s received positive reviews and been downloaded a massive number of times. So to celebrate the Mozilla team’s achievement and provide a bit more perspective, a new infographic takes a look…

New Map Shows Extent Of Facebook’s Dominance

Mark Zuckerberg may not have planned to achieve a sort of global domination while he was coding away at Harvard, but his social network continues to get closer all the time.  A new illustration showing the countries in which Facebook doesn’t rule has been released, and there aren’t a whole lot of them left.

71% Of Internet Users Utilize Up-To-Date Browsers

The people who work on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and maybe even Safari and Internet Explorer can take comfort in the fact that their efforts aren’t going unappreciated.  A new report from Pingdom indicates that a significant majority of Internet users are running the most recent version of their browser of choice.

Chrome Triples Market Share Year-Over-Year

Anyone who wagered Chrome wouldn’t succeed should, regardless of the exact terms of the bet, probably go ahead and pay up.  New stats show that, in the past twelve months, Google’s Web browser has carved out a sizable market share and indeed seems to be catching up to Firefox.

Twitter Sees Big Usage Increase Over Summer

For some people, summer’s a time to live at the pool.  For others, it’s a season better spent vacationing in another state or country.  But as it turns out, a lot of people used this summer to become better acquainted with Twitter, increasing the overall number of tweets by 33 percent.