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Ariel Winter Sides With Kim Kardashian, Noting Justin Bieber Wasn’t Bashed For ‘Nude Guitar Photo’
Modern Family actress Ariel Winter is on the side to #TeamKim after reality star Kim Kardashian West received a social media spanking of posting a cou...
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Cilla Black: British Singer, TV Personality Died of Stroke from Head Injury
Cilla Black, the beloved British singer and TV personality who died on Saturday at the age of 72, died of a stroke. She was sunbathing at her Spanish ...
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Joan Collins Mourns Passing of Cilla Black
Joan Collins is among a number of celebrities to mourn the passing of British singer and TV star Cilla Black. Black reportedly died in Spain at the ag...
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Kylie Jenner Says the Joke is On You All
Kylie Jenner has been laughed at and chided for some of the things she says and posts on social media. Recently the KUWTK star caused waves in the med...
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Kim Kardashian Talks About Her Haters, Teaching Nori to Handle It
Kim Kardashian-West has more than her share of haters. In an interview accompanying her recent Vogue Australia cover shoot, Kardashian talked about he...
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Piers Morgan: You Haters Can All Kiss Kim Kardashian’s Ass
Piers Morgan is like that little boy who shouted, “The emperor has no clothes on!” Piers Morgan has a reputation for calling it as he sees it. Fro...
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Drew Barrymore, Ciara Show Off Baby Bumps at Safe Kids Event
Drew Barrymore and Ciara showed off their very pregnant baby bellies at a Safe Kids event on Saturday. Barrymore and Ciara were two of many celebritie...
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Piers Morgan Bids Adieu With Shot at NRA
Piers Morgan bid adieu to his television viewers on Friday, replete with a shot at the NRA and a plea for Americans to become more stringent about gun...
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Piers Morgan Ends Show’s Run With Gun Control Plea
Piers Morgan ended his CNN show’s 3-year run with a final shot at the NRA, pleading with the country to take another look at gun control policie...
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Chelsea Handler Takes Piers Morgan To Task
Were they joking around or were they serious? That’s what some folks are probably wondering when they saw Piers Morgan interview Chelsea Handler...
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Pizza Delivery Man Enjoying Fame
Edgar Martirosyan, the pizza delivery driver from the Oscars, is having his fifteen minutes of fame. By now, you probably know the story. Martirosyan,...
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Piers Morgan: Gun Control Views May Be To Blame For Low Ratings
Piers Morgan will be ending his show, “Piers Morgan Live”, in the coming weeks due to low ratings, and he says it may be because of his vi...
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Hawaii School Shooting: Police Officer Fires at Runaway Teen
A shooting occurred early Tuesday morning at Roosevelt High School in Honolulu, Hawaii. Unlike the typical school shootings that have taken place late...
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Harvey Weinstein Says He’s Done Making Violent Films
Earlier this week we reported that Harvey Weinstein is planning to make a movie that he says will take on the NRA head-on. But he’s going a step...
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Piers Morgan is Safe as White House Asks Gun Activist Petitioners to Remember the 1st Amendment
The White House’s “We The People” online petition site has seen some ridiculous petitions gain steam over the past couple of months....
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Piers Morgan And The @AkinEmptyChair Twitter Account
When Piers Morgan invited Republican State Senate candidate Todd Akin to appear on his show last night, he probably had no idea he would soon be invol...
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Casey Anthony Talks to Piers Morgan: Twitter Reacts
Casey Anthony, a woman who clearly needs no introduction, recently sat down with CNN’s Piers Morgan for a short, 10-minute off-camera interview,...
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CNN Hits 15 Year Low In Veiwership
The downward slide by CNN continued when a new episode of Piers Morgan Tonight at 9 PM drew in only 39,000 viewers in the Adult 25-54 age range. This ...
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Alec Baldwin Does Piers Morgan, Wasteland Panda, and Ask Paul Rudd
A viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, via social media, sharing sites, or good ‘ole email. Everyday we ...
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Christine O’Donnell Walkout Prompts Piers Morgan Keith Olbermann Twitter War
Twitter is a fun place for media feuds, as talking heads with big egos take to the internet to bash other talking heads – it’s all rather ...
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