Christine O'Donnell Walkout Prompts Piers Morgan Keith Olbermann Twitter War

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Twitter is a fun place for media feuds, as talking heads with big egos take to the internet to bash other talking heads - it's all rather amusing. The latest fight to erupt on Twitter involves CNN's Piers Morgan and Former MSNBC and current Current TV host Keith Olbermann.

Following the bizarre interview on Piers Morgan Tonight that resulted in former Tea Party Senate candidate Christine O"Donnell walking out, Olbermann took the opportunity to bash Morgan about, surprise, viewers:

Who walks out on @PiersMorgan tonight? I'm betting on...the audience (as usual) 18 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Morgan, always up for a Twitter squabble hit back -

More watch me in Belgium than you globally RT @KeithOlbermann: Who walks out on @PiersMorgan tonight? I'm betting on the audience (as usual) 18 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® · powered by @socialditto

Morgan challenged Olbermann to come on his show and once again hit him where it hurts: ratings.

Come on and debate with me you big coward @KeithOlbermann - or are you too busy with your 40,000 viewers a night? 17 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® · powered by @socialditto

Olberman responded to the challenge:

Just to wrap this up, most recent of 12 pleadings by @PiersMorgan that I appear on his show arrived 7/26. After he "banned me for life." 17 hours ago via Twittelator · powered by @socialditto

For some background, Piers Morgan "banned" Olbermann from his new show back in January. He said that it was "just a temporary ban, designed to confuse and bemuse him, and hopefully engender a violent reaction."

Olbermann ended with this reference to the recent hacking accusations -

We have a winner! Good night all! RT @Graypets @piersmorgan Why don't you listen to the bug you have on Olbermann's phone and find out? 16 hours ago via Twittelator · powered by @socialditto

Morgan finally retweeted this, basically invoking the "Scoreboard" argument -

Since Olbermann likes to note this: Morgan has 3x the followers while tweeting 1/2 as much #taleofthetape 16 hours ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

If you have yet to see the incident that prompted this Twitter war, or simply want to watch it again (it's quite enjoyable), check it out below:

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