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Google One Now Offers 5TB Plan For $24.99 a Month
Google is now offering a middle-of-the-road storage plan for users, unveiling a 5TB plan for $24.99, filling a major hole in the company’s storage o...
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Google Photos Backups Will Exclude Messaging Photos
Google has made a subtle change to how Photos backups work, excluding images received via social media and messaging apps....
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Facebook Testing Tool to Allow Users to Move Photos to Other Services
Facebook is testing a new tool that will make it easier for users to move their images and photos to other platforms, according to a report on SFGate....
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Google Photos Gets Even Better With Smart Albums
Google Photos has proven quite popular since Google dropped the Google+ element and created it as a standalone app. Much of the cool factor was alread...
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Say Goodbye to Picasa, Get Used To Google Photos
Google announced on Friday that it will be retiring Picasa over the coming months as it commits its focus to Google Photos. Perhaps the only thing sur...
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Apple Live Photos Come to Facebook
Back in September, Apple unveiled its latest iPhone models – the 6s and 6s Plus – along with a new feature called Live Photos, which show several ...
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Twitter Gets New Photo Experience
Twitter announced a new photo experience for, making users’ timelines “more immersive” by uncropping photos, enabling pe...
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Boomerang: The New Instagram App For Animating Your Pics
Boomerang is a new app from Instagram that lets you capture quick video loops, or as the company puts it, “turn everyday moments into something ...
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Jenna Dewan, Channing Tatum Share Sexy Photoshoot
Jenna Dewan Tatum and husband Channing Tatum appear to be having a good time with married life. Some recent throwback Thursday Instagram post from Jen...
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Facebook Photos Are About to Look More Like Snapchat
Facebook, which already handles an unconscionable amount of photos on a daily basis, has been adding tools as of late to get people even more engaged....
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Yelp Experiments With Categorized Photo Browsing
Yelp announced a new way to browse photos – by category. You can now browse by things like food, interior, outside, drink, and menu. The feature...
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Instagram, No Longer Square, Lets You Post Landscape and Portrait Photos
Instagram photos are square. That’s just how Instagram has always been. Has it been annoying for many users? Absolutely. If you want to share a ...
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You Can Now Put Stickers and Text All Over Your Web-Uploaded Facebook Photos
A couple of months ago, Facebook updated its photo uploader on its iOS apps to allow users to easily add stickers, filters, and text. Now, it’s ...
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Blurry iPhone Photos? Apple Will Replace Some Busted Cameras
If you purchased an iPhone 6 Plus between September of last year and January of this year, there’s a small chance your back camera is a little s...
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Hey, Where Did My Twitter Background Go?
Have you logged on to today? If so, you were probably greeted with a much whiter background than you remember setting. That’s becaus...
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Google Sets a Kill Date for Google+ Photos
This isn’t a shocker – we knew this was coming eventually. But Google has just set a kill date for Google+ Photos. Google will begin to shut d...
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Google Glass Picture Taking Could Get Even Dweebier
If you thought you looked cool wearing Google Glass before, wait till you see this. Google has been awarded a patent that allows “a computing de...
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White House Lifts Ban on Photos, Social Media Posts
After 40 years of surreptitiously snapping photos of the White House during public tours, people can now do it out in the open. The White House has li...
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Google Unveils Its New Photos App At Google I/O
At Google I/O on Thursday, Google unveiled its new Google Photos app, which removes what little friction its old one may have had (by untying it from ...
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Google’s New Standalone Photo Service Could Debut at I/O
If Google+ has seen any sort of enthusiasm over the past couple of years, it’s thanks to photos. Google+ has some nice photo features, but there...
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