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Best Business Phone Features for Small Business
Running a small business isn't easy. That's why it is important to pay attention to things like phone features for small business....
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STIR/SHAKEN: The Fight for the Future of Phone Calls
When phone calls were first introduced, it was a wonderful way to erase physical distance from a conversation. Nowadays, a minority of phone calls fea...
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Google Rolling Out Verified Calls to Tell You Why Businesses Are Calling
Google is preparing to roll out a feature that will help cut down spam calls by verifying calls before they’re placed....
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$1,000 Is the Breaking Point For Most Phone Buyers
According to new data by The NPD Group, $1,000 is too expensive for the overwhelming majority of phone buyers. NPD’s research shows that just under ...
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Microsoft Announces Dual-Screen Surface Duo—Powered by Android!
Those who have been around tech for more than a decade remember the “good old days” when Microsoft was ruthlessly protective of its intellectual p...
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Apple is working on a fix for this iPhone 6S battery anomaly
​Some iPhone 6S users are reporting a battery anomaly that’s causing their device to display an incorrect amount of remaining charge. Battery...
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Microsoft Announces 7,800 Job Cuts from Phone Division
Microsoft has announced that it will cut up to 7,800 jobs, mostly in the company’s phone hardware business. The company is also writing off $7.6...
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Facebook Is Still Trying to Take Over Your Phone, New ‘Hello’ App Shows You Info on Callers
Back in March, it slipped that Facebook was testing a new phone app that would serve as an Android dialer and caller ID app. Internal testing called i...
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Facebook Is Working on a New Phone App
If you’re unsatisfied with the fact that Facebook is not a part of your phone call-making experience, you’re in luck. It appears that the ...
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Victim Finds Thief’s Phone, Calls His Mom
Eliza Webb, 29, of Seattle, had a unique situation before her. She had come out to her car and found that her running shoes and sunglasses and been st...
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Infographic Can Help You Figure Out Where and When You Lost Your Phone created this infographic and used research by Lookout Mobile Security. The following infographic points out where and when people ...
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Trayvon Martin On His Phone When Shooting Occurred
Trayvon Martin, the 17-year old Florida teen who was shot by a self-appointed neighborhood watch member in February, was apparently on the phone when ...
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Orbit: New Budget Windows Phone From ZTE
ZTE has added a new Windows Phone called Orbit to its growing phone portfolio. The new budget smartphone is based on the latest version of Windows Pho...
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Mexicans Well Overcharged Billions In Phone Web
Mexico is the second largest Latin American economy, but it seems the cost of phone and internet bills are holding it back. From the years of 2005-200...
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CES 2012: Smartphone Integration Reaches Hilarious New Heights
For the business worker who needs a phone in their phone, Nvoxia has you covered. File this one under silly and unnecessary, the Invoxia NVX 610 being...
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CES 2012: Samsung Galaxy Note Coming To America
At their CES conference today, AT&T announced that Samsung’s Galaxy Note, which has been available overseas for some time, is coming to the US....
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Motorola Mobility: Google to Get Into Baby Monitor Business?
Everybody in the tech industry is talking about Google’s pending acquisition of Motorola Mobility, which Google has positioned as a defensive ma...
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Over a Million Calls Made from Gmail in First 24 Hours
Google announced (via Twitter) that over 1,000,000 people placed calls from Gmail with...
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