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Tag: PC Shipments

Windows XP Death Did Fuel Some PC Spending
Windows XP is now officially dead. Earlier this week Microsoft officially ended support for the OS, which had become one of the most popular in histor...
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2.1 Million Chromebooks Shipped Last Year
The PC market is still in decline and shipments of traditional desktop and notebook PCs took a nosedive during 2013. PC manufacturers are introducing ...
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Tech Shipments Growing, Despite Languishing PC Market
With many parts of the worldwide economy still struggling to recover from the recent economic recession, the tech industry still appears resilient eno...
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PC Shipments Dropped Nearly 10% in 2013
The PC market is still hanging around and certainly will never fade away, but sales of traditional PCs are dropping to distressingly low levels for th...
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Even the Mobile PC Market is Languishing
It’s well-known that the overall PC market is in a downward spiral. Quarter after quarter shipments of PCs have been falling as consumer turn to...
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PC Market in Europe Declined During the Holidays
It is quickly becoming clear that the PC market may never recover from the growth of tablet computing. For many consecutive quarters now shipments of ...
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Ultra-Portable Notebook Segment Still Growing
Today has been a big day for notebook industry reveals, though much of the news was particularly surprising. Samsung is said to be significantly lower...
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Notebook Shipment Estimates Slashed For 2014
As mobile devices (especially tablets) have become more popular in recent years, sales of low-cost mobile devices have eaten into the sales of traditi...
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Samsung Revises Down Notebook Shipment Estimates
The traditional PC market is taking a big hit from the rise of tablets and other inexpensive mobile devices. Desktop computers are certainly feeling t...
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U.S. PC Market May Have “Bottomed Out,” Says Analyst
For around two years now, the PC market has been in decline. Quarter after quarter PC manufacturers have, as a whole, reported lower shipments and dec...
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PC Shipments Continued to Decline Over the Holidays
It’s a brand new year, but the story is largely the same for PC manufacturers. Much like last year, PC shipments continued to decline during the...
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Device Sales Forecast to Hit 2.5 Billion This Year
With IT spending once again on the rise, tech manufacturers are optimistic about their device sales in the coming year. Market research firm Gartner t...
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Notebook Shipments Dropped During The Holiday Season
Throughout 2013 notebook manufacturers saw weakening demand for notebooks. Heading into the holiday season, however, there was still some optimism tha...
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Consumer Computer Sales Increasing, Thanks to Tablets
Throughout the past few years, the tech industry has watched as consumers bought fewer PCs each year. Shipments of PCs and notebooks have been declini...
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Touchscreen Notebooks Are PC Makers’ Next Gambit
As the tablet market has taken off in the past three years, PC makers have seen their sales decline quarter after quarter. Notebook shipments have bee...
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Tablet Shipments Beat Out Mobile PCs This Year
The PC market is declining rapidly, and it is easy to see why. With no compelling reason to upgrade PC hardware, consumers are turning to mobile devic...
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PC Shipments to Continue Falling Fast
With iPads firmly at the top of this year’s Black Friday most-wanted lists, PC manufacturers can only look on as the traditional segment continu...
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Touchscreen Notebook Adoption Slowly Rising
With the notebook market following the PC market toward lower shipments worldwide, manufacturers are now searching for new ways to entice customers ba...
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European PC Market Still in Decline
Though global declines in the PC market could have been worse during the third quarter, shipment numbers are still falling quickly. This is especially...
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Notebook Shipments Down Yet Another Quarter
Though there was some hope for the segment following a small shipment rise during the back-to-school weeks, the notebook market is still contracting. ...
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