Payvment Shuts Down, Team Reportedly Acquired By Intuit

Facebook ecommerce platform company Payvment announced that it is shutting down as its team joins a new, unspecified company. The platform will be shut down on February 28. The company in question is Inuit, according to TechCrunch, though it’s unclear…

New Payvment Product Aims To Ease Facebook Advertising Pain

Facebook ecommerce platform Payvment announced a new one-click Facebook ad buying service today, which essentially gives merchants a way to turn promotional Facebook posts into ads. The service automatically targets ads based on historical social shopping data. The company says…

Facebook Shoppers Mostly Women

Facebook shopping is still in its infancy, with roughly 1.5 million out of 850 million members making a purchase directly through the site each month, and the overwhelming majority who do so are women. Christian Taylor, CEO and co-founder of…

Open Payvment Gives Developers APIs to Tap Into Facebook E-Commerce Platform

Facebook e-commerce platform Payvment launched a new developer platform for e-commerce businesses today at the event. It’s called Open Payvment, and it lets developers and service providers integrate their offerings with Payvment and build new apps upon the company’s…

Payvment Opens Social Shopping Mall On Facebook

Social ecommerce platform Payvment has launched the first-ever shopping mall on Facebook.

Payvment says its “Shopping Mall” on Facebook offers over one million searchable products and includes a directory of ecommerce stores, from celebrity brands to local merchants.




Getting More Facebook Fans and Monetizing Them

It seems like Facebook is controlling more and more of users’ online time, and that doesn’t appear to be on pace to change anytime soon. Facebook is already on the path to controlling more content, online retail, and online identification, and who knows what all announcements we’ll see come out of the company’s F8 developer conference this week?