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Android’s Next Patent Challenge Comes From Nokia
Nokia could be considered the grandfather to the modern cellphone. The company obviously owns a lot of patents and receives royalties from those who m...
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Sony Filed a Patent for In-Game Commercials
There is a lot of current experimentation when it comes to video game revenue models. Publishers and developers are adding disc-locked content, day-on...
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Apple, SimpleAir Reach Settlement In Patent Lawsuit
Apple and SimpleAir have reached a settlement in their ongoing patent infringement lawsuit, according to a joint motion filed in court yesterday. The ...
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Supreme Court Declines to Rule on Hulu Case
The Supreme Court this week sent a case involving broad patents back to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit for reconsideration. The cas...
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Apple Sued Over Rotating Windows On iOS Devices
A company called Rotatable Technologies has filed suit in U.S. District Court in Texas against Apple and several other defendants for patent infringem...
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Google Patent Lets Bar Patrons Kill Bad Songs
You know what it’s like: you’re sitting in the establishment of your choice, consuming your adult beverage and enjoying the music coming f...
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Apple Patents Mass-Texting New Contact Info
Everybody knows what a pain it can be to change your phone number. Not only do you have to memorize your new number (a step some people never bother t...
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Patent Application Reveals Google’s Plans For Android Beam
A recently-uncovered patent application shows that Google has – or may have had – plans for a broader feature set for Android Beam, the NF...
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Microsoft Patents a Human-Computer Interface
This week Microsoft patented a device designed to capture a person’s movements – and it’s wearable. Microsoft already has the Kinect...
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Google Secures New Network Patent
Google, now appearing to be more aware of the concept of licensing and patents, has just secured a copyright concerning wireless access auctions. The ...
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Yahoo Asks Judge to Invalidate Facebook Patents
Yahoo is claiming Facebook bought eight of the ten patents that it used to counter-sue in the continuing war between the two internet giants. In a fil...
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Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Guilty Of Violating Motorola Patents
With the patent lawsuit war heating up, a possible huge blow to Microsoft and the Xbox 360 was dealt today by the The US International Trade Commissio...
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Apple Sued Over Every Touchscreen Device They Make
Apple has been sued in U.S. District Court for patent infringement. The complaint alleges that Apple’s touch interface devices – yes, all ...
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Oracle Wins Java Patent Claim
In the heat of Oracle’s court battle with Google concerning copyright infringement, the owner of the open-source Java programming language saw a...
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Samsung, Apple CEOs Ordered To Discuss Patent Dispute Settlement
With the first of many trials between Apple and Samsung scheduled to start in July, a U.S. judge has ordered that the CEOs of the two companies sit do...
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Google Patents Glass-Type Glasses and Helmets
Bill Slawski at SEO by the Sea found three Google patents in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database that could feature heavily in designs for t...
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U.S. Judge Blocks Motorola’s German Microsoft Injunction
A judge in U.S. District Court in Seattle has issued an injunction preventing Motorola from enforcing an injunction it has not yet won in Germany. The...
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Apple Files Application For Wireless Charging Patent
Apple has filed an application for a patent dealing with wireless RF charging of mobile devices. Interestingly, the patent applies specifically to dev...
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Apple Patents Pattern Detection Tech For iOS Cameras
Last week we brought you news that Apple had applied for a patent for remarkably powerful 3D camera technology that could be put into an iOS device. N...
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Facebook to Countersue Yahoo With Their Own Patents
Facebook is not only defending itself against the patent infringement lawsuit filed by Yahoo last month, they are taking the offensive with their own ...
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