Apple Files Application For Wireless Charging Patent

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Apple has filed an application for a patent dealing with wireless RF charging of mobile devices. Interestingly, the patent applies specifically to device packaging and store displays. The packages would receive power wirelessly from an RF transmitter, and use it to charge the devices on the store shelves.

The packaging would also include wireless data receivers. These receivers would pick up data transmitted from a nearby source and display it on the device’s screen. The combination of the two would allow manufacturers to dispense with the traditional labeling on devices packaging. Instead, the devices would display information on their own screens, while simultaneously receiving power wirelessly so that they stayed fully charged. The devices would also, then, be ready for use right out of the box. Also, software and firmware updates could be rolled out to devices that are still on the shelves with minimal difficulty.

Apple's Wireless Charging Patent

The patent application was filed in December 2011, with Apple’s Michael Rosenblatt listed as the inventor. The full application can be found here.

What do you think? Would you like to see products on store shelves running programs that showed off their features? Would you like to see wireless RF charging built into devices more often? Let us know in the comments.