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Nymi Bracelet: Tech-Accessory May Replace Passwords
Is this the future of passwords? A rather simple bracelet that tracks your heartbeat? Bionym, a Canadian start-up says, Yes! The Nymi bracelet uses yo...
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Tumblr Tells iOS Users to Change Passwords, Download Security Fix
Tumblr has just released a “very important” security update for their iOS app that they say will address a significant flaw that allowed f...
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Twitter Suggests News Orgs Designate Twitter-Only Devices to Protect Themselves in Light of Recent Hacks
In light of the recent hacking attacks that have hit news organizations around the world, Twitter has warned news outlets that they expect the attacks...
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CISPA Add-On Banning Employers from Seeking Facebook Passwords Killed
As you probably know, on Thursday the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, better known as CISPA. T...
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5th Amendment Protects Child Porn Suspect from Compelled Decryption
A man accused of housing child pornography on multiple hard drives will not be forced to give authorities access, after a Wisconsin judge rules that d...
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Twitter May Be Getting More Serious About Two-Factor Authentication
Is Twitter ramping up their efforts to implement two-factor authentication to make your accounts more secure? Two-factor authentication (2FA), generic...
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New Laws Banning Employers From Asking For Facebook Passwords Go Into Effect
The new year brings with it a number of things, including new laws. One of those laws, going into effect in California and Illinois, seek to protect y...
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Twitter: Accounts Were Compromised, but We Also Accidentally Reset Password
Earlier today, Twitter users began to report an interesting situation on (where else) Twitter. They claimed that they had received an email from Twitt...
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Cybersecurity Awareness Month Is Nearly Over, But Here Are Some Password Tips
October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, but it’s almost over. Here’s what the Department Of Homeland Security says about it: T...
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“Password” Remains Top Password, “Jesus” Cracks the Top 25
People: What are you doing? This is just getting sad now. Remember all of those password leak stories you’ve seen in the last few months? How ma...
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Two Password Protection Bills Signed in California
A few months ago, multiple reports surfaced of employers abusing their power to extract social media passwords from current of prospective employees &...
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Change Your Password: Blizzard’s Service Was Hacked
Nothing is secure in today’s digital world. You can implement the most powerful security that money can buy, and somebody will still find a way ...
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Nvidia And Android Forums Get Hit In Latest Hack Attack
You think the hacking world would be finished with their parade of password thefts after stealing over 450,000 of them from Yahoo. Unfortunately, thin...
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Yahoo Voices Is Latest To Be Hacked With 450,000 Accounts Stolen
If you use Yahoo Voices to create content for the Web, you really should change your password now. After things were looking up for Yahoo, it’s ...
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LinkedIn Class Action Complaint Over Password Leak
As expected for a security breach of this magnitude, a class action lawsuit has begun against LinkedIn regarding its recently leaked passwords. The ac...
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Facebook Reminds Users That Security Is Important, Offers Tips
Facebook is in the process of reminding every user that a few simple security measures can help them protect their account from those on the interwebs...
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LinkedIn Summarizes Its Password Leak Response
It has been almost a week since over 6.4 million LinkedIn passwords were leaked to a hash-cracking website, and though it turned out that both eHarmon...
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LulzSec Releases 10,000 Twitter Accounts Complete With Passwords
LulzSec announced their return just last week and they’re already causing a bit of a stir. The group used a security loophole in a third party T...
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LinkedIn Password Leak Confirms That People Truly Suck At Choosing Passwords
Last week, you may have received an email or two from LinkedIn detailing the steps you needed to take following a massive leak that involved 6.4 milli...
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LinkedIn Defends Its Password Leak Response
Over 6.4 million LinkedIn member passwords were leaked to a hash-cracking forum last week, causing LinkedIn members to worry about the site’s se...
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