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Tag: passwords Responds to Password Leak
Earlier today it was reported that has become the third website whose passwords were among those leaked online earlier this week. At that time...
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[UPDATE] has responded in more detail and is now notifying its members of the situation. Read the story here. [ORIGINAL STORY] Yet another sit...
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LinkedIn Password Leak Caused No Unauthorized Access
LinkedIn is trying hard to stay transparent in light of the LinkedIn password leak this week, in which more than 6.4 million passwords from the site w...
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LinkedIn Password Leak Brings Email Spam
With more than 6.4 million LinkedIn passwords leaked onto a hash-cracking forum this week, there is no wonder that spammers will have a field day with...
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MD5crypt Password Scrambler Not Safe, Says Creator
One of the more interesting things revealed to the public during the LinkedIn password leak debacle is the fact that entire forums exist where black-h...
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LinkedIn Password Leak May Trigger Irish Investigation
LinkedIn has already confirmed that more than 6.4 million of their members’ passwords were leaked to a hash-cracking forum earlier this week. An...
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eHarmony Passwords Leaked Along With LinkedIn
The story surrounding the LinkedIn password leak has focused on the professional networking social network because a majority of the more than 6.4 mil...
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LinkedIn Passwords: Find Out if Yours Was Leaked
The LinkedIn password leak debacle yesterday made LinkedIn members question the site’s security measures as well as their own password security ...
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LinkedIn Password Leak Confirmed and Remedied
This morning it was reported that over 6.4 million LinkedIn passwords had been leaked onto the internet and were in the process of being decrypted by ...
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LinkedIn Provides Password Protection Tips
The news broke early this morning that millions of LinkedIn passwords may have been leaked online. Hackers are currently working to decrypt a hash of ...
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LinkedIn Passwords Leaked Online
[UPDATE 2] LinkedIn has confirmed the security breach and invalidated the affected passwords. Users can reset their password to regain access to their...
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Looking For A Job? Want To Keep Your Job? Clean Up Your Facebook Activity
Want an incentive to refrain from posting that bellybutton tequila shot picture from Vegas on Facebook? How about the fact that nearly half of company...
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Should Congress Move To Ban Employers From Demanding Employees’ Facebook Passwords?
If your future employer or current boss asks you for your Facebook password, it might soon be against the law. That’s because there is new natio...
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California Bill Banning Employers From Seeking Facebook Passwords Sees Full Support
This Facebook snooping by employers thing has really struck a nerve. Ever since it was reported that there was a rising trend in employers asking pros...
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55,000 Twitter Accounts Hacked, Passwords Exposed [UPDATED]
Hackers appear to have successfully exposed the passwords of as many as 55,000 Twitter accounts yesterday, sparking the website to conduct an investig...
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Bill 964 Protects Employees From Having Their Facebook Activities Monitored
Reports indicate that several Baltimore employers have been asking for passwords to their employees social networking sites in an attempt to monitor t...
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A Social Networking Bill Of Rights? Maybe
By now you’ve likely heard of last month’s scandal about employers requiring employees to hand over their passwords to their personal Face...
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Google Is Being More Careful With Your Password
Google put out its monthly list of algorithm changes today. There were 50 changes in all, though technically not every single one of them is related t...
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Teacher’s Aide Suspended: Yet Another Facebook Password Battle
Yet another former employee is fighting a legal battle against employers after being suspended for refusing to hand over access to her Facebook accoun...
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Asking For Facebook Passwords… Disturbing?
This week, the Washington Post ran a story on an example of a potentially disturbing trend in Human Resources practices. They told the tale of Justin ...
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