Nvidia And Android Forums Get Hit In Latest Hack Attack

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You think the hacking world would be finished with their parade of password thefts after stealing over 450,000 of them from Yahoo. Unfortunately, things just never work out in our favor as more passwords have been stolen in the latest hack attack.

Naked Security is reporting that two popular tech forums - Nvidia Developer Zone and Android Forums - were both attacked by some dastardly Internet villains that want your password, usernames or both. If you have an account on either of these sites, it's strongly recommended that you change your password now.

Did you change it yet? Good.

Nvidia immediately brought the hack to the attention of its users by closing down the Web site entirely. They are investigating how the hackers got into their system and will bring the forums back online when they can "ensure that secure operations can be restored." They also recommend that you change your password for any other site that used the same one from Nvidia's site.

Another popular tech forum, Android Forums from Phandroid, was hacked this week. The staff believe that the attack was less about stealing passwords and more about taking email addresses. Regardless, you should change your password immediately. The same rule from before applies here as well. If you use the same password anywhere else, be sure to change it.

The new attacks can't compare to the hacking that went on over at Yahoo Voices yesterday. More than 450,000 email addresses and passwords were posted online as a warning to Yahoo. The warning stated that Yahoo underestimates their reach across the Internet and that a hack on their servers can have disastrous consequences for the rest of us.

Password theft and hacks are becoming all too common these days. It's unfortunate, but there are ways to protect yourself. First and foremost, stop using the same password for every Web site you register. Of special importance, keep the password for Facebook, Twitter, email, banking and any other site you deem important different from each other. This will ensure that hackers won't be able to access your email or Facebook account in the event of either being hacked.

Many Web sites also offer multiple forms of authorization when it comes to accessing your credentials. Use these to their full potential by making anybody attempting to access your profile from a different computer have to answer a series of personal questions that only you would know.

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