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Tag: parody

‘Kylo Ren’ Goes Emo With New Twitter Account And He’s Hilarious
Kylo Ren, the caped crossguard and lightsaber-bearing Star Wars villain, may have enamored some fans because of his unique characterization in The For...
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Netflix Makes Fun Of Apple With ‘Netflix Watch’
After Amazon unveiled its Prime Air drones in 2013, Netflix released a parody video showcasing its own vision for drones, which would see the devices ...
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‘Too Many Cooks’ Gets an American Politics Parody
CNN just put out a six-minute parody of Too Many Cooks, the incredible, surreal video that captivated the internet last November – and it accomplish...
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90s Facebook Ad Is Hilarious Parody of Early AOL Ad
If Facebook would have come around in the mid-90s, you would’ve been burning through free trial discs like Fruit by the Foot. I know I wouldR...
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Amazon’s Echo Device Quickly Parodied
On Thursday, Amazon unveiled Echo, its new $200 cylindrical device that listens to you and tells you stuff. Okay, it does more than that, but that see...
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House of Cards Gets the Fallon Treatment in ‘House of Cue Cards’
With a little help from Ellen Barkin (as Claire) and a special guest star I won’t spoil for you, Jimmy Fallon turned a pretty good Kevin Spacey ...
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City, Mayor Sued Over Arrest of Parody Tweeter
The ACLU has taken up the case of a Peoria, Illinois man who is suing the city and its Mayor for violation of his First and Fourth Amendment rights. 2...
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WhatsApplebee’s Is Your New, Exclusive Chat App for Brewtus Lovers
The problem with most social networks is that they aren’t exclusive enough, and they don’t center on specific interests. Same goes for som...
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Rust Cohle Explains Time as a Flat Circle to Little Kids
HBO’s True Detective ended its first season last month and when the credits rolled, it was clear that we had all just watched something singular–a...
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Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” Ushers in International Day of Happiness
It appears that people all over the world are feeling a stream of joy lately-uploading funny dancing videos to YouTube and posting lighthearted twee...
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Here’s Netflix’s Answer To Amazon’s Drones
It seems a little late for a parody of Amazon’s drone video from December, but Netflix has one out. It was uploaded a week ago by Netflix’...
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RoboCop Gets A Crowdsourced Movie Remake
Are you disappointed in the new RoboCop movie? Don’t like how they managed to ruin your childhood with a PG-13 rating and a very unfamiliar and over...
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Dumb Starbucks: Entrepreneuring Spoof
“I’d like a dumb venti mocha latte. And throw in one of those ‘Dumb Jazz Standards’ CDs. And some dumb mints, for my dumb coffee breath. ” S...
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Facebook’s Look Back Videos, If They Were At All Genuine
Well this is pretty funny. Like most things on Facebook, those packaged “Look Back” videos that everybody has been sharing in honor of Fac...
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VGX 2013 Gets The Parody It So Rightly Deserves
On Saturday night, Spike TV and GameTrailers hosted VGX 2013 – a rebranded video games awards show born from the VGAs of years past. Hopes were ...
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Waiting In Line 3D, The Worst Video Game Ever?
Can’t wait to get your hands on the latest videogame? Do you like shooters like Doom and Duke Nukem 3D? Why not try Waiting in Line 3D, a first-pers...
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WATCH: Sesame Street’s Homeland Parody “Homelamb”
Sesame Street has created an awesome parody of Showtime’s hit television show Homeland, the aptly named “Homelamb”. The parody swaps...
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Funny Or Die’s “Apple iPad Announcement Parody” Nails It (VIDEO)
Earlier today Apple unveiled the new iPad, the iPad Air. As the name implies, this latest iPad is thinner and lighter than previous models. It’s 7.5...
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‘Orange Is The New Black’ Gets ‘New Inmate’ By The Name Of ‘New Hamsichusettes’
Don’t worry, it’s not real. It’s just Taryn Manning, who plays Pennsatucky on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, appearing on ...
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Tinder Gets Its Own ‘Social Network’-Inspired Creation Story
Swipe-focused dating app Tinder is apparently helping people find the loves of their lives. Some have argued that the app has even solved the problem ...
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