Rust Cohle Explains Time as a Flat Circle to Little Kids

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HBO’s True Detective ended its first season last month and when the credits rolled, it was clear that we had all just watched something singular–an experience that was going to have a profound effect on not only the future of scripted television, but pop culture.

I mean, television just hasn’t ever had a character quite like Rust Cohle.

If you watched the series (and even if you didn’t), you’re probably well-aware of Cohle’s philosophical musings. You’ve probably seen a grizzled Matthew McConaughey, sitting behind a table, drinking Lone Star beer and talking about how time is a flat circle.

Ok, now imagine that table was tiny and Cohle was talking to kids instead of detectives.

Comedian Ross Marquand makes this a reality in a spoof of those AT&T commercials–you know the ones. Watch out for a truly spectacular McConaughey impression.

Image via Ross Marquand, YouTube

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