RoboCop Gets A Crowdsourced Movie Remake


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Are you disappointed in the new RoboCop movie? Don’t like how they managed to ruin your childhood with a PG-13 rating and a very unfamiliar and overtly “modern” looking Robocop and unfaithful storyline?

How about something more absurd?

Our RoboCop Remake  is a crowdsourced remake of the original 1987 version of RoboCop that smushes the work of 60 scenes made by 50 amateur and professional filmmakers. The movie not only has direct shot-by-shot remakes but includes scenes of puppetry, baby actors, hand-drawn and 3D animation, drag, two musical numbers, modern dance, and a ton of re-scripting. Ten actors play the main role as the seemingly bumbling cyborg conflicted with the dealings of his humanity and the dystopian futuristic world around him.

Despite its extreme absurdity, filmmakers followed a small outline that doesn’t completely derail from the story of the original movie.

“Filmmakers were told which plot points to make sure they hit,” producer David Seger said.

The following is a clip from the movie… and I warn you, it might be one of the hardest scenes you will ever watch. For those that would rather read than watch (and I don’t blame you), Robocop encounters a crime in progress: two sketchy hoodlums attempting to rape a curly haired blonde in the middle of the night. The rapists hold the woman hostage, but Robocop uses his advanced targeting technology to shoot through her dress and hit the groin of the perpetrator. It mirrors the original scene in the first RoboCop (1987) movie, but with a twist: two more damsels in distress show up along with a plethora of rapists with their danglers dangling out of their trousers; Robocop goes on a penile blasting shooting spree. It’s extremely graphic and not safe for life (NSFL):

The movie is free to watch.

Image via David Buceta