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Tag: outer space

Halle Berry Believes in Aliens?
Halle Berry admits she believes in aliens! On Monday, July 7, the 47-year-old actress appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman to discuss her l...
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SpaceX Launch Delayed, Will Launch Friday At Earliest
A SpaceX launch was delayed earlier this week thanks to an apparent helium leak on board the vessel. While there has been no update, officials say we ...
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NASA, Kerbal Space Program Want You To Stop Virtual Asteroids
Kerbal Space Program is one of the most fascinating PC games of the last few years. It’s a hardcore space exploration simulator that has players...
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Penn State Turns To Crowdfunding To Send A Spacecraft To The Moon
Space travel is something that’s usually reserved for government agencies with a lot of money to burn. SpaceX proved that private industry can d...
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Mars-Bound NASA Orbiter MAVEN Set to Launch
Mars has been quite the hot spot lately. First, discussions about cultivating a human population on the planet have circulated. Now, NASA’s MAVE...
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In Saturn’s Rings Might Be The Most Beautiful Film Ever Made
The advent of special effects and CG has ensured that a lot of the movies made today are at least visually pleasing. As beautiful as these films have ...
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Video Call Your Friends From Outer Space With Skype
Skype is pretty much everywhere these days. Millions of people around the world use it to communicate with friends and family. What are you going to d...
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Planetary Resources Shows Off Some New Asteroid Mining Tech
Remember Planetary Resources? It’s the startup funded by the Google co-founders, James Cameron and others. The company’s goal is to send m...
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Uwingu Looks To Crowdfunding For The Future Of Space Exploration
For years, we’ve entrusted the future of space exploration to public agencies and they have done a great job. NASA was able to land on the moon,...
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NASA Picked These 5 Ideas To “Revolutionize” American Space Capabilities
NASA announced on Friday that it has selected five technologies to fund, which could “revolutionize America’s space capabilities”. E...
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Check Out These Photos Of Near-Space Taken By A Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi is one of the coolest computing innovations of the last few years. It’s a simple ARM-powered Linux computer that only costs $25...
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Space Exploration Is The Next Frontier Of The Economy
We all want more money. Unless you have figured out the secrets of Buddhism or Taoism, money helps us achieve what we need and want. The only problem ...
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CleanSpace One Literally Takes Down Space Junk
There’s a lot of trash on the earth. That’s why we have people and machines that help clean it up. There’s also a lot of trash in space. There�...
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