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Tag: Outages

Kim Kardashian Says She Broke the App Store with Her New KIMOJI App
Kim Kardashian says her new specialty emoji app, KIMOJI, broke the App Store. “Apple, I’m so sorry I broke your App Store!!!” she tw...
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Google’s Apology for World Series Fiber Outage: Two Free Days
In terms of worst times for an outage, Game 1 of the World Series is pretty high on the list. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to many in the...
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Facebook Is Down, Again
For the second time in a week, Facebook is down for many users worldwide. According to reports on Twitter, the outage struck at around 3pm ET. The has...
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App Store, iTunes, Apple Music, and Other Apple Services Down for Some
Many Apple services are experiencing a pretty major outage today, as the App Store, Apple Music, Apple TV, the iBooks Store, iTunes, Beats 1 Radio, an...
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Facebook Down, Slow for Some Users
It’s not just you. It appears that Facebook is down or slow to load for many users. The outage began around 9am EDT. Both DownDetector and DownR...
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App Store, iTunes Store Down for All Users All Morning
If you’re trying to make a purchase on iTunes or attempting to download an app in the App Store, you’ve probably noticed that it’s n...
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Dumb People Keep Calling 911 When Facebook Goes Down
Apparently, people didn’t get the memo the last time this happened. As you may know, Facebook and Instagram suffered a major outage on Monday. I...
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Yahoo Mail Experiences Technical Difficulties
Yahoo Mail has been experiencing some technical difficulties with service disruption for some users due to the severing of an underwater cable, which ...
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Google DoubleClick Outage May Have Cost Publishers Big Time
Google’s DoubleClick ad network suffered a major outage today. It reportedly began at around 9:40 AM Eastern, and lasted a little less than an h...
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Facebook Down for Some Users
It’s not just you – Facebook is down for many users. The outage appears to have hit around 3:45 EST. This is the fourth such outage for the so...
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Instagram Down for Some Users on Mobile and Web
Instagram appears to be suffering an outage, as users have taken to Twitter to express their frustration. Many are receiving error messages when tryin...
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Facebook Outage Led To 3% Decline In Traffic To News Sites [Report]
Last Friday, Facebook went down for somewhere between a half an hour and an hour for a lot of users. According to CharBeat, this led to a decline of 3...
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Idiots Reportedly Called 911 When Facebook Was Down
What the hell is wrong with people? About four hours ago, Facebook went down. Like really down. Many users worldwide were unable to access the social ...
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Facebook Down for Some Users, Slow for Others
It’s not just you. Facebook is down for some users, and for many who can access the social network things are moving pretty slowly. Just ask Twi...
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Facebook Down for the Second Time in Two Days
UPDATE: It’s back as of 4:47 pm EST. The outage lasted less than 10 minutes. The world can start spinning again. It’s not just you – Fac...
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Feedly And Evernote Go Down, Hit By DDoS Attacks
No, it’s not just you. Feedly is down because it’s been attacked. In fact, both Feedly and Evernote were hit by denial of service attacks....
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YouTube Is Down For Many Users
Update: We got this statement from a YouTube spokesperson: “Some people encountered errors, or a slower than normal experience on YouTube today....
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Gmail Is Down, Guys. Stock Up and Bunker Down
UPDATE 2:22 pm EST: IT’S BACK! – but with some kinks. Gmail is currently unable to access contacts and Google+ still seems to be down for ...
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Mayer Apologizes For Yahoo Mail Issues, Yahoo Still Working On Them
As reported last week, the Yahoo Mail woes continued with a massive wave of outages resulting in a lot of angry users (as if there weren’t enoug...
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Pinterest Down, Users Having Login Issues
Uh oh. With hosts scrambling to come up with that killer recipe for their Thanksgiving dinners and early holiday shoppers looking for great gift ideas...
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