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Orkut Officially Dies After Ten Years
Google announced in June that it would shut down its original social networking service Orkut after ten years of existence. At the time, they set the ...
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Google Shuts Down Orkut After Ten Years
Google announced on Monday that it is shutting down is original social networking service Orkut after ten years of existence. Orkut never quite caught...
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Facebook Beats Out Google in Brazil
The Brazilian version of Experian Hitwise has reported that Facebook has passed Google Brazil as the most visited site in that country, five times sin...
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Google’s Social Network (Orkut) Gets More Musical
Google seems to be taking a page out of the Facebook playbook and giving its social network a more musical experience. Unfortunately for many of you, ...
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Facebook Leads Brazil’s Social Surge
Brazil is fast becoming one of the world’s largest internet markets and Facebook is capitalizing on the country’s growing user base. Accor...
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Orkut Gets New iPhone/iPod Touch App As It’s Surpassed By Facebook In Brazil
Yesterday, comScore put out a report on Facebook growth in Brazil, as the king of social networks finally surpassed Google’s Orkut in Brazil. In...
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Visualizing What Regions Don’t Use Facebook
There’s no doubting the popularity and Facebook, nor the incredible rate at which Facebook members consume their various status updates. However...
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Orkut Turns 7
Sometimes, Google pulls out all the figurative stops when making an announcement, calling news conferences, issuing press releases, and putting not...
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Facebook Extends Lead Over Orkut In India
For a long time, supporters of Google's experiments in social media were able to point to Orkut's success in Brazil and India.  In those count...
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F1 Driver Wins Lawsuit Against Google
Orkut, Google's social network that never caught on in America, looks set to cost the company some money in Brazil.  Google's lost a lawsuit b...
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Google Social Network Lets Users Keep Conversations Separate
Google has launched some new features for its Orkut social network, which is popular in Brazil and India, though...
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Facebook Tops Orkut In India
For a long time, Orkut has been the one bright spot in Google's social media stable; it's been the sole product that became really popular in some ...
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Finding Alternatives To Facebook
With the news confirmed that Facebook membership now exceeds 500 million people ...
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YouTube Autoshare Feature Introduced For Orkut
Even if the average American doesn't think about Orkut on a regular basis (or ever), Google demonstrated today that it hasn't forgotten about the s...
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Is Google Buzz A Flop?
Earlier this year Google added a new product to the already overflowing social-space. Its name was Bu...
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Google Adds File Transfer Option To iGoogle, Orkut Chat
Sending someone a picture or document while chatting online can seem like the most natural thing in the world; it's common enough for topics like c...
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