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Tag: Online Privacy

“Terms And Conditions May Apply” Doc Is Now Playing
So what happens when you click “I Agree” on the your favorite service’s Terms of Service agreement? Granted, South Park already shed...
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NTIA Introduces Mobile App Code of Conduct For Privacy
The U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) this week announced that its stakeholder partners for an app transparency p...
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FTC Strengthens Online Privacy Rules For Children
As has been documented many times before, us adults on the Internet really have no privacy. Advertisers want to know what we’re doing to sell us...
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FISA Sponsor Says Domestic Spy Program Must Be Kept Secret For A Secret Reason
Five more years of warrantless surveillance at the hands of the NSA and other spy agencies was signed into law before the new year thanks to the quick...
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Will Facebook’s Privacy Woes Grow in 2013?
Facebook cannot win the privacy issue. The company thrives on allowing advertisers to target their potential customers with pinpoint accuracy, and tha...
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California To Tackle Privacy Crimes With New DOJ Unit
The state of California is going after those who would attempt to violate your online privacy. Attorney General Kamala Harris just announced the forma...
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Are You Sharing Too Much Online? [Infographic]
People share a lot of information online and the popularity of social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest reveal that too much sharing can com...
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Facebook Login Request Guidelines for Employers
However despicable a practice I may believe it to be, many employers are still screening potential employees through a search of their social networki...
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FTC Shifts Privacy Spotlight: New Best Practices
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a new report that sets forth a series of “best practices” for advertisers and data brokers t...
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Canadian Bill C-11 Committee Review Concluded
A special legislative committee of the Canadian Parliament concluded it’s clause-by-clase review of Bill C-11 Tuesday, and now the bill heads to...
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Facebook Moderators Earn $1/hr
In a recent interview, 21-year-old Amine Derkaoui described spending spent three weeks working in Morocco for oDesk, an outsourcing company used by Fa...
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Online Privacy Debate Heats Up With FTC And Commerce Dept. Reports Coming Soon
To say online privacy is a controversial area is an understatement. It's always been challenging but has gotten even more so with the rise of social n...
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Consumer Groups Call For Stronger Online Privacy Measures
In response to a discussion draft of a new privacy bill now under consideration by the House Subcommittee on Communications, Technology and the Int...
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DMA Says Privacy Bill Would Hurt Online Advertising
The Direct Marketing Association has voiced its opposition to a draft of a privacy bill introduced this week by Representatives Rick Boucher (D-VA)...
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Commerce Department Examining Internet Privacy
U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke has introduced an initiative aimed at gathering public input and reviewing the connection between privacy policy...
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Lawmakers Call On FTC To Review Google Privacy Policy
Congressman John Barrow (D-GA) along with a number of other lawmakers sent a letter last week to the Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowit...
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Privacy Search Engine Offers Anonymous Web Browsing
Search engine firm Startpage, and its E.U. brand, Ixquick, has released a new proxy service that allows Internet users to surf the web in privacy....
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